Flour and Barley: Serving Flavor Without the Gluten

Image of the Farm House Pizza from the Flour and Barley Website

For those who suffer from Celiacs Disease and other issues resulting in not being able to have gluten, it can be hard to enjoy going out to eat with friends and family for fear of not being able to eat anything. Those who crave the taste of a new take on Italian food but don’t want to worry about the gluten, Flour and Barley on The Linq Promenade should be your next stop.

Part of the Gen3 Hospitality family, Flour and Barley is one of the local Las Vegas gems that The Strip has to offer. This traditional pizzeria is offering brick oven baked pizzas in many different styles and flavor profiles. Even though the cooking process may be traditional, Flour and Barley is still pushing the envelope on flavor.

There are two kinds of pizza options from Flour and Barley, the more traditional Pizza Rossa with a heart red sauce and Pizza Bianca with cream or pesto base. All of their pizzas can be served on traditional crust as well as gluten free. The Vampire Slayer pizza lives up to the name with a garlic cream sauce, roasted garlic, pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, and red onion.

Their pasta selection also offers the contrast of tradition and modern flavors. From Spaghetti Al A Vodka to spicy Jambalaya Pasta. All the pastas can also be served gluten free or traditional. They also offer other entrees Chili-Honey glazed Salmon and Tomato Caprese Salad.

Flour and Barley even offers private events for parties, weddings, etc so no matter the occasion, those needing a gluten free option never need to be left out.

Italian gluten free food can be so hard to find for those who suffer from Celiacs, so having a place not only serving these gluten free options but being so centrally located on the Linq Promenade allows patrons more options while in Las Vegas. 
For updates on new menu items and for what’s new at Flour and Barley you can find them on Instagram.


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