Game Day Grubs Reno | Pub N’ Sub: A classic for Students, Staff and Alumni

Wolkpack fans enter Pub N’ Sub restaurant in Reno, Nev. on Oct. 13, 2023. The restaurant and bar is a popular among UNR students. Photo by Kalin Sipes.

Reno, Nev.- 

Beer steins hung high on the wood walls above a University of Nevada Reno poster and mural. Just a 15 minute walk from the UNR campus, Pub N’ Sub is a hot spot for students on game day.What was originally a home and neighborhood grocery store has turned into a restaurant and bar.

Serving sandwiches, pizza, finger food and salad, there’s a variety of food that will satisfy most people. Like the name suggests, there’s also a bar that serves several draft beers. Pub N’ Sub opened 47 years ago and is run by the original owner in a building that has been standing for nearly 75 years. 

This year, UNR celebrates the school turning 150 years old. Pub N’ Sub has been serving students for nearly a third of the school’s history. According to students, the homey, familiar feeling of Pub N’ Sub is part of the restaurant’s attraction. 

Sean Ainsworth, UNLV alumnus from the class of 1999 was at Pub N’ Sub the evening before the UNLV vs UNR rivalry game. He explained that while he’s a UNLV graduate, he completed his first three years of college at UNR. With fond memories of Pub N’ Sub from his days as a student, he was happy to return to the popular restaurant. Ainsworth was in the minority wearing his UNLV sweatshirt, but he expressed he was glad to see so many Reno students and fans at the establishment.

“I love it, it looks just like how I remember it from 20 years ago. Games were always at 11 a.m., so after the game or the night before, this was the place to be,” Ainsworth said. “It’s just in a neighborhood, but it’s such a cool place. We’d play pool for hours or games out in the backyard. It was a hangout spot for lots of fraternities. I’m glad to see it’s how I remember it.” 

Current UNR students express a similar sentiment towards the restaurant. 

“Pub N’ Sub’s my favorite. It’s close to campus and a cute little hidden gem in like an old local house,” Undergrad UNR student Allie Hein said. “Everyone goes there. They have big long tables and you can get a drink and hangout with friends. You can get sandwiches to go on game day. It’s homey and just a super good vibe.” 

The inside is dimly lit with warm light. Along with long tables, there is a large bar top and a pool table. Additional seating can be found out front or outside behind the restaurant. This area feels like someone’s backyard; it’s fenced in and lights hang from the restaurant to the fence.

Pub N’ Sub’s logo is a wolf wearing a Reno letterman’s jacket; there’s a clear relationship with the university. On the Friday before the game, a fraternity even held a fundraising event in the backyard. 

“On game days, it’s pretty busy. Everyone likes to come before the games,” Pub N’ Sub employee Joe Brady shared. “It’s mostly students that come. Sometimes we see staff or alumni, but mostly students. They come before the game to drink and grab something to eat.”

The restaurant and bar can be just as busy on away game days as they host UNR Wolfpack watch parties. 

Pub N’ Sub is a unique restaurant with a homey feeling; in an old home, it’s a popular place and highly recommended by Wolfpack fans.


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