UNLV students time travel to the 14th century with Age of Chivalry’s annual Renaissance Fair

Al Has Har Legacy Belly Dance Collective perform at Age of Chivalry. Photo by Annie Vong.

Wizards, witches and wenches cast their spells at Age of Chivalry, Las Vegas’ Renaissance Fair from Oct. 13 to 15. The annual event made its return to Sunset Park, making UNLV students don their swords, wings and hats. The event features medieval vendors, performances, camels and jousting knights. 

Among the attendees are UNLV students, whose excitement is beaming from their smiles. Andie Davis, a UNLV student who has been going to Renaissance Fair since 2021, first heard about it from social media. Davis shares, “This will be my third year going. Every single year I wanted to go all three days, but because of school I was only able to go for one day … but now, I can go two days.”

Anthony Paculan, another UNLV student who attends the Renaissance Fair regularly, shares, “I had always seen billboards for it for the past few years, but it gained traction in my friend group like two years ago. I’ve gone every year since my first time, so this will be my third time going.”

Attendees are encouraged to show up in their most ornate medieval costumes. Some attend as pirates, and others attend as knights.

As for dressing up, Davis shares, “For the first year, it was hard because I didn’t know what to dress as. I went to thrift stores to try to find a costume. You can spend a lot of money on a costume, but my outfits have consisted of random pieces thrown together. But this year, I finally bought a legit corset. It has the cinching and steel bones and everything. The first time I went, I looked more like a peasant, and last year, I tried to be more like an adventurer. I made these potions and wore them on a belt. Some people, when they show up to [the Renaissance Fair], they are like, ‘It’s not accurate.’ Some people are die hard about making sure people wear what they actually wore in the Renaissance. Who gives a fuck? Wear whatever you want.”

Paculan says, “It’s such a fun experience, I love how everybody goes all out with the experience, dressing up and all that … This year, my friends and I all got chainmail coifs and play-bows to look like archers. I love being able to nerd out with all my friends, it’s everything I ever imagined as a kid.”

Performance stages were placed throughout the park. Davis shares, “It’s always fun to see the programs they put on. They have a schedule with different performers for each day. Last year, I saw jousting and that was cool. I also tried mead, which tastes like wine. But really, I like walking around, and I’m a huge fan of fantasy.”
For attendees thinking of attending, Paculan advises, “You don’t have to dress up, but if you were thinking about doing it, you should. I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to try dressing up. The first year I went I didn’t dress up and I really regretted it.” 

Even if attendees don’t dress up, the organizers still excel at transforming the park overnight. Davis says, “When you’re at Sunset park, you can’t tell it’s Sunset park. It’s crazy how magical [the organizers] make it seem.”To learn more about Age of Chivalry, visit http://www.lvrenfair.com.


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