Parking with ease: UNLV’s new virtual parking permit system

Parking citations being put on cars whose vehicles aren't registered with the new virtual parking permits around campus. Photo by Jordan Anders-McClain.

If the enriching act of ripping off the parking sticker from your car windshield has not already taken place, then this is your sign to do so. 

UNLV Parking and Transportation Services are developing virtual parking permits in an effort to make parking at UNLV a breeze, as opposed to the hassle of ordering and then waiting for your permit to arrive by mail.

The quick arrival of spring semester left students with scarce preparation, with many scrambling to solidify classes and pay fees. Consequently, the lingering pressure to buy a parking permit is often the cherry on top of an abundant to-do list. 

Not to worry, the new parking permit system will allow students, staff, faculty and residents to obtain a permit easier than before. 

“I feel like this will speed up the parking process and create a more organized system,” UNLV student Juliana Isáziga said. 

The Parking and Transportation Services replaced the physical copy of a parking permit with a digital permit using license plate recognition (LPR) technology that identifies license plates in order to match students’ cars to the permits. 

The virtual pass is good for annual, nine-month, semester, daily or hourly parking. As of right now, the virtual pass excludes weekly and monthly permits, which must be bought in person at Claude I. Howard public safety building and be displayed on the car. 

All students have to do is register or login to the parking permit portal to ensure that car descriptions and license plates are updated and accurate. Inputting the correct license plate number of the car(s) is of high importance because that is essentially your pass. Keep in mind that having multiple cars registered under one parking permit is available as long as only one car is parked at a time.

“I always find myself having to park at the meters and having to wait to find a parking spot. I know some people dread going to class because of how far the walk is,” Isáziga said.

Parking at UNLV is evidently stress-inducing. Filled parking lots and the draining commute to class is enough to deal with on its own, and while the virtual pass will not entirely eliminate that stress, it is a start in the right direction.

“I do think it’s very smart how they came up with this because many times, problems don’t get solved and taking the initiative to find an end to the issues is always a start. If this doesn’t work out, it’s always nice to learn and improve in the future,” Isáziga said.

Parking and Transportation Services are making the effort to modify the permit system in order to ease students, faculty, staff and residents. Nonetheless, the new virtual passes will likely be an efficient, stress-free way to park at UNLV. 
For more information regarding parking permits contact 702-895-1300 or with questions.


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