Bike lock program to combat theft

Photo provided by UNLV Bike Shop

In an effort to combat the rise of bike theft on UNLV’s campus, University Police Services (UPD) recently introduced a bike lock program that partners with the on campus bike shop located inside the SRWC. 

Two lead members of the program, associate director for recreation programs, Mike Conley, and executive assistant for UPD, Arian Renick, piloted this program back in late 2021 after seeing an increase in campus theft of bicycles. 

Through the funding of UNLV Student Affairs, university students can now receive free U-locks by visiting the UNLV Bike Shop and registering for the UPD bike registration program. By registering with UPD, students will not only qualify for the free lock, but make it easier for UPD to return stolen bicycles in the event where a bike is stolen if found. 

Conley, told the Scarlet & Gray Free Press that he hopes this program can keep their property safe and better serve students on campus when it comes to maintaining their bikes. 

Students can register their bicycles’ serial number with the UPD either online or via the UNLV Rebel Safe App. 

“One of the greatest parts about this opportunity was being able to work with various units across campus and collaboratively with students to make UNLV more safe,” Renick said. 

According to the UPD Crime Logs preliminary data, it was reported that 17 bikes were stolen in the past six months. 

A user on UNLV’s reddit posted in Oct. 2020, “My bike was stolen at about 4 a.m. on Oct. 4 (Friday) from my apartment building around UNLV. It was caught on surveillance camera, but nothing really can be seen. Three other bikes were stolen along with it. I had it on a U-lock, but they managed to take it off anyway.” 

“Everything was taken, including the U-lock. I know it sounds silly, but my bike is my best friend. I would do anything to get it back. It carries a sentimental value to me. I am offering a reward to anyone who knows about it.”

Other resources that the UNLV Bike Shop offers are repairs to keep bicycles in shape and workshops that teach the basics of bike mechanics each year. The shop is open two hours a day on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, of each week. In addition to bike consultations the shop also rents mountain bikes to students. 

In the upcoming months Conley and Renick hope to expand the program and are looking forward to the possible arrival of bike cages in the upcoming months; another project in the works to bring more safety to bikes on campus.


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