Find the best places to study at UNLV

Fourth floor of the Hospitality Building on March 24, 2023. Photo by Kalin Sipes.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is a beautiful school covering 340 acres in Southern Nevada. On UNLV’s website, there are over 75 buildings on campus, which calls for a multitude of places to study.

The most popular spots that come to students’ minds start with Hospitality Hall, Lied Library, and the Honors College. All three are centrally located on campus, have great seating areas, and have places to purchase snacks for those late night study sessions. 

Hospitality Hall is also the newest building on UNLV’s campus, and when talking to students they claim it is the most gorgeous. This building has four floors and windows with amazing views. The first floor has Rebel Grounds, a student-run coffee shop that has breakfast and lunch options along with a multitude of coffee and tea drinks to keep Rebels motivated while they study. 

The second and third floors have around eight tables for students to use as well. The main event in the Hospitality Hall is the fourth floor balcony. This balcony has around six tables and a gorgeous view of the Las Vegas Strip. 

Madison Oleal, a second year student living on campus at UNLV said, “Whenever I get free time during my busy schedule, I head up to the fourth floor to get my work done. It is so peaceful up there and the view makes me feel so motivated to get my degree.”

The Lied Library has five floors and is a notably busy place on campus. The first floor has a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, computers available to anyone, and group study options. Fourth year student James Craig said, “I like studying on the first floor of the library because I use the dual monitors so I can stay organized and on top of my work.” 

The second floor is also for group study, and has a large amount of monitors and tables that seat up to six students. The third and fourth floor are for individual, silent study sessions.

The fifth floor has tables for up to four students right by the windows and is another place to see the gorgeous view of the UNLV campus and the Las Vegas Strip. This floor also has single desks and group tables all around it. Lastly, the library has private study rooms on all floors except the first that can be reserved or walked into. They fit up to six people and have whiteboards so that students and their classmates can get their studying for exams done in a productive way. 

Next up, the Honors College at UNLV has great places to study. These specific spots are only for the honors students, but they are worth mentioning. There is a Provisions of Demand (POD) market inside to buy snacks and drinks before studying. The honors students have access to a computer lab, a large study lounge, and to their academic advisors. Honors students also receive a key card to use these amenities after hours. 

While these are the most notable study spots in UNLV students’ eyes, there are multiple other places both outdoors and indoors. Some honorable mentions are the Life Sciences Building and the Student Union. The Life Sciences Building only has a single table, but if it is up for grabs, it’s a serene place to study at. The Student Union is my personal favorite because it is a popular place with so many food options. It gives me the opportunity to grab my favorite meal and sit down by an outlet to charge my device. With the amount of space in the Union, I am also able to call up my friends to come join me for a midday study session!


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