Spectrum welcomes students back to campus

Dana Lagunas, Julio Mancilla, and another member gathering crafts to paint in the social event. Photo by Sara Freels.

The student organization UNLV Spectrum looks to help the university by giving the campus another place to feel included. They host a weekly gathering event on the second floor of the Student Union. The regular meeting is designed to be a place where anyone can come and be themselves. 

Led by president Izzy Melendez, UNLV Spectrum is an organization where everyone is welcome and students can meet new people in a fun and safe environment. Melendez wants to push the club in a direction where they can help as many people find a safe community as possible. 

“I want Spectrum to be a place where people can just come and be who they are and find people like them,” Melendez said. 

On Sept. 14, the organization took part in an arts and crafts activity where students painted, made paper crafts, built rubber band bracelets and socialized. There were people new to the organization at the tables mixing and mingling where over 30 students were in attendance. 

The organization often hosts social events where students can talk, laugh and take a break from everyday stresses. There are game nights and a pride party already planned for the month of October.

Spectrum is also dedicated to providing students with any resources they need to feel as comfortable as possible on campus, including tutorials on changing your name within Canvas. 

Melendez also expressed how diverse the organization is with students from all corners of the university.

“We have computer science majors, theater majors and law majors,” Melendez said. “It’s a very diverse group,”

Nour Benjelloun, CSUN senator, also described the organization as a diverse group of studies.  

“With many different people, Spectrum is a great place to make new friends,” Hope Davidson, public relations director, said. 

Davidson also iterated that the organization is doing everything they can to make everyone feel safe and comfortable within the university’s community. With such a diverse group of students, everyone can find a place of their own at the UNLV Spectrum. 

Organization member Sophia Quintana said she immediately felt at home at the club and highly recommends it to everyone. 

“All the people are really friendly and it’s such a nice community,” Quintana said. 

Quintana also talked about how important the organization is for campus life and the positive impact it has on the campus. 

“It’s important to have that sense of community and make sure people know that there is a place where they can fit in,” she said. 

The organization is in the process of planning a S’mores Under the Stars night in collaboration with some other clubs on campus, which is currently being scheduled for late October. 

“So many people are looking for others like them,” Melendez said. “They just want a place to be themselves and Spectrum gives them a chance to be who they are.” 
If you are interested in joining Spectrum check out their socials, @unlv_spectrum on Instagram and @UNLVSpectrum on Twitter. You can also find more information at the UNLV Involvement Center. 


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