UNLV campus street style: 2021 edition

Graphic by Adonia Allen-Versosa.

The trends emerging during the start of the fall season are still very reflective of the past summer season as Las Vegas heat has yet to calm down towards autumn temperatures. Many will continue to hold onto our biker shorts and crop-tops until the 60-degree weather sets in.

People-watching around campus features an abundance of coffee-shop hues with sage greens, browns, tans, yellows, amongst the constant force of Doc Martens combat boots. A new addition to the campus shoe game has been the recently released Converse’s “All Star Lugged Boot,” a platformed version of the classic high-top chucks. 

The sweater vests from spring and summer are still on the rise, transitioning into fall as the school season is in full swing. Hopefully, with the cooling weather, we will see an increase, especially due to the glamorized dark and light academia aesthetic. 

The bag of choice? Totes, ranging from bookshops to Harry Styles’ merch to collectables from Urban Outfitters. This is definitely a trend I do not see going out of style anytime soon, especially with the convenience of throwing everything into a bag while saving your back from further damage. They are small, cool, cute,and unisex. What is not to love? 

Anyone with an interest in fashion is knowledgeable about the coming-and-going of different decades’ style impact. Over the past few months, we have seen a wave of Y2K influence. Perhaps, we are finally getting the chance to wear all the trends we were not able to wear as children growing up in the early ‘00s. We have also seen a strong consistency in referring back to the aesthetic of the ‘90s and ‘70s, which is a staple during fall, bringing back blazers, slip-dresses, flares, leather jackets and color-toned browns. 

At this point of the semester, with the over-looming stress of upcoming midterms, comfort is viable. Many students strive for comfort loungewear such as hoodies and joggers. As long as you are feeling comfortable and confident, do what is best for you this season.


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