The fashion guide for all things festival

The fashion at Life is Beautiful. Photo courtesy of Space Lab.

We are in the middle of the festival season, and the number one question on everyone’s mind who attends is “What do I wear?” Even if all festivals have the unspoken clothing to a minimum rule, there is still a distinct fashion difference between each event. Here is a list of essential fashion guides to each festival’s general theme. 

Kicking this off with the most recent festival, Life is Beautiful. Life is Beautiful is precisely that in fashion form. A common theme is simply wearing what you feel beautiful in or what expresses your personality the best. 

The photo provided is of what Life is Beautiful fashion entails. They are all wearing comfy, casual clothes that are light yet expressive of their personalities. Most of the choices have a statement piece that still makes the outfit fun and comfortable. 

EDC is the next music festival that will be happening Oct. 22-24. EDC is the Electric Daisy Carnival, and this event goes into the night. The best approach with this festival will be: Think Rave! Bright colors and sparkles. 

Some of my favorite looks from this festival include bright colors in your clothes and makeup, fishnet bodysuits, short skirts, and many accessories. Since this is a carnival, you will want to put your hair up just to get any kind of heat off your neck. 

The one festival everyone goes crazy about is Coachella. Coachella happens every year around April and is in California. The lineup is insane with artists from all across the board, and the fashion follows the music theme. 

Boho Chic is what I see when researching Coachella. An outfit that is fun but bohemian will get you far at this festival. You want to wear clothes that will breathe since it is out in the 80 to 100-degree weather for at least eight hours. You will get sweaty. However, the remarkable thing about Coachella is the burst of individuality in each outfit, so have fun with your boho chic.

Get your cowboy boots and daisy dukes because Stagecoach is another colossal festival. It is all based on country music and country culture. The attire for this festival is simply to wear cowboy boots, a straw hat, shorts, and any kind of fun shirt that screams “country girl, shake it for me.” 

Overall, festival fashion is difficult to navigate since there is no dress code, and there is the desire to make an impact with one’s fashion choices. Wear something light and breathable, get creative and have fun. Do not sweat the little stuff because you will be sweating by mid-day, trust me.


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