This cowgirl’s got a clue: a local concert in Vegas

Cowgirl Clue performs at The Space. Photo by Nia Robinson

Cowgirl Clue took to the stage this weekend at The Space in Las Vegas. Her music genre can be described as hyper-pop and new indie. She has also been a part of the music collective, “Vada Vada.” The singer dominated the stage by playing her hit songs “Cherry Jubilee,” “A Figure 8” and “Trailblaze.” The trendy showgoers were raging with her as she danced around and electrified the crowd. Halfway into her set, Clue tells the audience she’s gonna party with them in the pit. Audience members started cheering and dancing with Clue as she brought her microphone with her to audience members on the floor. 

Other artists that performed at the show were Kumo 99 and Glixen. Glixen performed a heavier set with garage rock and punk influenced guitar riffs. The crowd was alive with the music and started moshing with one another to the music. After Glixen finished their galvanizing set, Kumo 99 took to the stage to perform their hit alternative pop songs like “Four Point Steel Star” and “Gomi,” which were all sung in Japanese and English. The dance floor transformed into an underground rave and the crowd was hypnotized by her exhilarating voice.

After the show,  some fans and showgoers shared how they got into Cowgirl Clue’s music. Val, who didn’t want to share their last name for privacy concerns, a Las Vegas local, who enjoyed the show says, “I love coming to small shows. I like that you can talk with the artist after [the show]. I discovered her music about 3 years ago.” Everyone should come out and just have fun, “ she stated. On the topic of alternative artists touring and coming to play at smaller venues in the Vegas Valley area, Val says, “I love it, I definitely think more artists should tour here, and we want more musical artists to come out of Vegas as well.”

Cowgirl Clue is currently on tour and you can stream her music on all music streaming platforms.


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