SPOTLIGHT: Radon releases genre-bending music

Picture from Radon's second single, "Energy." (Photo courtesy of Radon.)

For many, the pull of music can’t wait. For one student, who goes by Radon, making music that blends elements of different genres. Radon has released two singles, “Over 900” and “Energy.”

Radon describes his style, saying, “My style? It’s a culmination, a merger or a fusion of different elements, different genres. My favorite genres are house music and EDM … I’m trying to branch away from the current scene, repetitive music in the industry, in order to make something new, innovative, something people haven’t really heard.”

Radon’s spark for music started at a young age, with Radon saying, “I pretty much started when I was a little kid and wanted to branch upon that, but I didn’t really see a future of getting into the music business at the time, but then I was like, ‘you know what? This is exactly the thing I want to do.’ But, you know, all dreams start off with something crazy.” 

However, balancing being a student with making music gets difficult sometimes. Radon says, “The majority of time I am studying for biochemistry and other classes, but when I have a little bit of avenue to work on music, I do that … Most of the time I don’t have time for music at all, studying for chemistry and math and all. But then, I do have a little bit of time to write, mix and master.” Radon tries to be consistent and release one single per month, but that doesn’t happen often. The third single is “on its way, coming very very soon,” Radon says.

Radon’s music can be found on Spotify, YouTube Music and Amazon Music. Radon’s Instagram can be found at @the_official_radon.


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