PREVIEW: Multicultural Student Association will host water marbling event

Flyer of Water Marbling Event. (Photo courtesy of Multicultural Student Association).

The Multicultural Student Association (McSA) at UNLV is preparing to host a Water Marbling Event on Nov. 27. McSA was established with the aim of bringing students from diverse cultures together and serving as a bridge between them.

Zeynep Akgedik, a Turkish UNLV student, explains the art of water marbling, known as Ebru, which is believed to have roots in Turkey and Central Asia. Akgedik says, “Ebru, the art of marbling, is an ancient type of art that intricately weaves colorful patterns and designs by carefully sprinkling and brushing pigments onto an oily water surface. These alluring designs are then delicately transferred onto paper, which is left to dry for around 15 to 20 minutes.”

Akgedik emphasizes that water marbling art has enthusiasts of all ages and highlights the unique and attractive features of the art form, saying, “This art form transcends age, captivating the imagination of enthusiasts ranging from 6 to 70 years old. It serves as an expansive canvas where individuals unleash their creativity by crafting intricate designs that continue to uphold the legacy of this cherished art form. Additionally, using oily water as a canvas, rather than traditional paper, adds to the appeal of this art form for entertainment purposes.”

Associate Professor Suheyla Sarısahin, who has been a part of McSA since its beginning and currently serves as the club’s advisor, discusses the club’s founding and purpose in a written interview. Sarısahin says, “Multicultural Student Association (McSA) is a student-led group at UNLV that was founded by multicultural undergraduate and graduate students. It focuses on promoting cultural diversity, inclusion, and understanding among students. It aims to provide a supportive community for students from diverse backgrounds, different ethnicities, races, and nationalities.”

She adds, “Currently, we organize cultural events and activities, but are also planning to hold community service projects in the future.”

Rana Aloglu, the treasurer of the club, talks about the uniqueness of water marbling art, and she expresses her excitement to experience this art with UNLV students. Aloglu shares, “Ebru is a special form of art carried out on a special water surface. With colored paints dropped onto this special water, you can create the desired pattern, color and shape. This design is then transferred onto special paper, resulting in a colorful and attractive picture.”

Aloglu invites all UNLV students interested in art and willing to try new things to the event. “Join our event to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and cookies, chat, and unleash our creativity. Your presence will make our gathering more fun. See you there.”


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