Best Tacos In Las Vegas: Tacos El Gordo Edition

Tacos El Gordo during a busy evening on Las Vegas Blvd. Photo by Isaac Garcia.

Las Vegas offers a variety of taco places from food trucks, family owned restaurants, to fine dining restaurants located at the strip. Among one of the many locations that offer tacos, Tacos El Gordo seems to be a spot that generates a lot of buzz. 

Tacos El Gordo is widely known and often raved about from many Las Vegas locals. This spot is so popular that even tourists and other non-Las Vegas residents make Tacos El Gordo a must visit on their Las Vegas trips. 

“One of the best food places to look forward to, after a fun night out in Las Vegas, is Tacos El Gordo,” said Jehan Seresinhe from Orange County who often visits Las Vegas. “Their al pastor tacos are a must have.” 

Tacos El Gordo has a wide selection of meats, but as Seresinhe mentioned they are best known for their al pastor tacos. Al pastor tacos are a favorite for Las Vegas locals, Tacos El Gordo customers, and taco lovers in general. 

Marina Barajas UNLV graduate explained how she wasn’t the biggest fan of Tacos El Gordo, but emphasized, “When I do go to Tacos El Gordo I love there al pastor tacos. I do have to say that Tacos El Gordo has the best al pastor tacos.”

After asking many people, researching, and hearing the same thing, I decided to try it out for myself. I went out this week to Tacos El Gordo located on S. Las Vegas Blvd. to try, what they and customers say are, the “best tacos” in Las Vegas. The location does have a unique set up and you have to line up in different lines to get different types of meats, but your tacos are ready instantly. 

When you have received all your tacos you walk your tray over to the cashier and pay. I had to make a line in three different spots as I ordered different meats: two al pastor tacos, one pork belly, and one carne asada. The pork belly and carne asada tacos were good, but I do understand why everyone makes the trip to go for their al pastor tacos, they were phenomenal.

Tacos El Gordo is an inexpensive place, their tacos range between $3.43 to $3.70. According to Yelp where you can rate your experiences, Tacos El Gordo is ranked as the number one best tacos in Las Vegas and they are just one dollar sign in the expense measurement. 

Tacos El Gordo has a total of three locations in Las Vegas and they just opened a new one in San Diego, California to make a total of six locations overall. FourSquare, a guide that recommends places to locals, talks about two of the Las Vegas locations. 

In their article, “The 15 Best Places for Tacos in Las Vegas” FourSquare ranks two of Tacos El Gordo locations as top favorites. The location on S. Las Vegas Blvd. was rated first place and the location on E. Charleston Blvd. was rated as the second best out of a list of the 15 best taco places in Las Vegas.


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