UNLV’s Involvement Fair Returns to Campus


Registered student organizations (RSOs) and groups alike shared a presence primarily at UNLV’s Student Union and Academic Mall during the Spring semester 2024 Involvement Fair on Jan. 24 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Free and open to all, the Involvement Fair served as a key opportunity for students to learn about on and off-campus involvement opportunities.

“The Involvement Fair at UNLV is really important since the majority of students are commuters, and joining a club or organization can be a great way to meet new people with the same interests,” said second-year UNLV student Shriya Narang, who tabled with the Sigma Kappa sorority and HOSA – Future Health Professionals. She described these organizations as ranging from a stepping stone to helping with personal goals to fun organizations.

Taking place on the second Wednesday of each new semester, the Involvement Fair exposes students to not only RSOs but also pertinent departments on campus and local Nevada community non-profit organizations.

Advertised on the UNLV and UNLV Student Affairs Instagram accounts, the Involvement Fair provided the campus community with connections to over 250 organizations in total.

Filled with flyers, food, music and other freebies, the Involvement Fair is an on-campus event that provides students with school spirit, even if they are not inherently seeking to become involved with a particular group.

“My favorite part was seeing clubs that I didn’t know even existed, like Food Tasting Club and Fright Club. I love when people talk about organizations they are passionate about,” said Narang. “It definitely helps grow our UNLV community and makes us closer. I hope to see even more clubs and leadership next year.”

Following discoveries at the Involvement Fair, students have the opportunity to get in touch with organizations that pique their interest through the UNLV Involvement Center. The Involvement Center is an online portal students can use to connect with RSOs and learn more about on-campus events.

UNLV is a university that prides itself on diversity, and the Involvement Fair is a fantastic example of why. From cultural to religious to academic organizations and more, this semesterly event is one greatly anticipated by both students and staff of UNLV looking to become further immersed in the on-campus experience.

For UNLV student Katerina Koytcheva, her interests are with UNLV Formula Racing. “UNLV Formula Racing is an engineering organization inspired by F1 and part of the FSAE collegiate design series. We design, build, and compete with a formula-style race car at competition,” said Koytcheva.

For Koytcheva, diversity within the RSO that she partakes in is encompassed by members from a diverse background of majors who get real world experience out of the organization.

The Involvement Fair is an event that elucidates the plethora of options for students, such as with Fraternity and Sorority life. Despite not having a Greek row on campus, UNLV has groups in the Las Vegas Fraternity Association, Multicultural Greek Council and Panhellenic Council, which are all in addition to the academic Greek organizations.

UNLV student Mav Garing of the organization Every Nation Campus found the Involvement Fair as an opportunity to express the purpose behind Every Nation Campus. He wanted to convey to students the group is one “where you can belong, believe, and become the people that God has made you to be.” 

Many of these organizations are groups that require no prior experience. While it may be intimidating for students to try new things, the Involvement Fair is meant to encourage not only the awareness of these organizations’ presence but also participation and new membership.

While involvement for some students may look like finding groups that specifically align with one’s major or career interests, other students may find involvement in more recreational and creative activities.

Ultimately, the Involvement Fair has made its mark as a fundamental event for the UNLV community.


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