Hustlin’ Rebels Walk-Up Anthems: Outfielders

Graphic by Madison Faries

When each player of the Hustlin’ Rebels walks up to bat, they hear their hand-picked walk-song. While some use it to get in the groove before facing a pitcher, some don’t even hear it. 

At Earl E. Wilson Stadium, around 10 seconds of the player’s first or second song choice is played every time they are at-bat. 

Here are all the walk-up songs of the outfielders and the story behind why they were chosen:

James Gamble: “Where The Party At” by Jagged Edge & “I Need a Girl, Pt. 2” by P. Diddy

“It’s throwback R&B,” junior outfielder James Gamble said. “Everyone loves throwbacks.”

Gamble believes his songs are the best since they are throwback classics, or maybe because he spent seven months picking them out.

“[Where The Party At] gives off a good vibe to the entire stadium,” Gamble said. “It makes you feel relaxed and gives you a good groove, makes you feel almost swag like you’re that guy.”

“Another good one [I Need a Girl, Pt. 2] that makes you feel relaxed a little bit, but it has that- confidence when it comes to walking up to the plate- this is my backup in case I feel like I’m going south a little bit and I need to get in the groove.”

Santino Panaro: “Hypnotize” by The Notorious B.I.G & “Public Service Announcement” by JAY-Z

As one of nine freshmen on the Hustlin’ Rebels this season, Santino Panaro didn’t take long to choose his songs as he used both of them in high school. 

“[Hypnotize] was my dad’s ringtone,” Panaro said. “Yhnb ghbv nI thought it’d be pretty cool to use it and it’s one of his favorite songs too. It didn’t take long at all, I used both in high school, so it probably took me about five minutes to pick them out.”

As far as why his walk-up songs are the best out of the outfielders, Panaro said, “Mine are the best because mine get the crowd going more than the others.”

Joey Walls Jr: “Get Low” by Lil Jon & “Humble” by Lil Baby

Joey Walls Jr is playing his first year at UNLV after transferring from College of Southern Nevada (CSN) and waited until the last minute to pick his songs, even changing one of them a week before the first game.  

“My first one, it was “One Blood” by The Game, but then I changed it because my family said I need to do “Get Low” by Lil Jon because it says ‘Walls’ in there,” Walls said. “My second one is “Humble” by Lil Baby, shoutout to Izzy Gutierrez at CSN for that one.”

“Because it has my last name in it,” Walls said as to why his songs are the best out of the outfielders. 

Rylan Charles: “Dirt on My Boots” by Jon Pardi & “South On Ya” by Luke Combs

The first to bat in the starting lineup, Rylan Charles wanted to go country for his walk-up song, stating, “I like to go country because everyone else goes rap, so it kinda changes the vibe.” 

“Most of the time I don’t even hear my walk-up song,” Charles said. “I just go to the plate, I don’t hear much.”

Charles’ walk-up songs are completely different from the others but that’s not necessarily why they are the best in his opinion. “Mine is the most catchy,” Charles said. “I think people vibe with mine the most, dirt on my boots.”

Jason “Jay” Sharman: “Run this Town” by JAY-Z & “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J

As one of 14 Las Vegas locals on the team, Jay Sharman wanted a walk-up song dedicated to his city but also mentioned: “no one is better than Rihanna.” 

“My first one, “Run this Town,” I chose it because I’m from Vegas,” Sharman said. “I’m playing for my town, my city, and my family is here, kinda the thought process for that one.” 

“My second song [Mama Said Knock You Out], the first part is ‘Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years,’ and I’m here in my fourth year, I’ve been here for years. I have like a whole entire playlist on my phone where I’m like ‘oh, good walk-up song’ and I add it to the playlist.”

Austin Kryszczuk: “If Pain Was a Person” by Moneybagg Yo & “Free Smoke” by Drake

Like his teammate, Joey Walls, outfielder Austin Kryszczuk thinks his songs are the best because the song has his name in it…well, nickname to be more specific. 

“The one I have right now [If Pain Was a Person], in it, it says ‘speak’ and they call me ‘Shmeat,’ Kryszczuk said. “So whenever that comes on they say ‘Shmeat.’’

“[Free Smoke] It gets me going,” Kryszczuk said. “I like the vibe to it and I like the rhythm that it gets me going when I’m hitting.”


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