William S. Boyd: Is it worth considering for law school?

Image of a person writing legal documents. Photo provided via Canva.

The American Bar Association has approved and accredited 197 institutions and programs that confer the Juris Doctor (J.D.). As a result, students considering law school have a large pool of schools to choose from. UNLV students who plan to pursue law should consider William S. Boyd School of Law as an option if they want to save money while still getting an excellent education.

In terms of nationwide ranks, U.S. News stated, “the University of Nevada–Las Vegas (Boyd) is ranked No. 89 (tie) in Best Law Schools and No. 8 (tie) in Part-time Law Schools.” This places Boyd in the 45th percentile of all U.S. law schools, which isn’t too bad when you factor in its strengths. 

Boyd is a relatively budget-friendly option. Law school is expensive, but Boyd’s website estimates that tuition for Nevada residents is approximately $34,800. For non-resident students, students can expect to pay $42,000. For comparison, the cost of attendance for the School of Law at the University of California, Los Angeles is $56,455 for California residents and $68,700 for non-resident students.

The financial aid that Boyd offers also alleviates students of some financial burden. According to CompareLawSchools.com, “In 2023, 77.92% of enrolled law students received grants and/or scholarships and the average received amount is $18,900 at William S. Boyd School of Law.” 

For UNLV students, Boyd could be considered to be a somewhat safe option. It is an already familiar environment that could feel comforting to students who are being thrown into the world of law, which can feel quick-paced and overwhelming. 

Boyd School of Law has a strong focus in providing students with a rich academic experience. Their website states that they provide “an academic program that integrates traditional and experiential learning.” An approach to education like the one that Boyd provides is essential because it gives students a feel of what to expect after graduation as well as building a strong foundation of traditional knowledge. 

In Nevada, the average percentage of people who passed the 2023 Bar exam on the first try is 63%, according to the National Conference of Bar Examiners. The Nevada average is somewhat low, but CompareLawSchools.com reports a pass rate for first-time bar test takers from Boyd law school at 72.54%. This is a significantly higher pass rate than the Nevada average. 

There are many things a student needs to consider when they are choosing which law schools to apply to. For students who value getting a rich education while saving money, UNLV’s Boyd School of Law should definitely be a school they consider applying to.


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