Why your next job should be on campus at UNLV

Summer Orientation Leaders participate in a Disney theme day while they welcome in their new students.

College students are known for having busy schedules, so why not apply for a job that will work around your class and study schedule? Along with the convenience, working on campus allows you to become more involved, make friends who are in the same age range as you, and also grow your resume. From working in the library all the way to the admissions office, there is a job that can interest anyone at UNLV. 

Now the next question is, how does one find a job at UNLV?

Handshake is a website that has a network of multiple jobs, universities, alumni and employers. Students can log in to Handshake with their ACE ID and then filter the job search to “on-campus.” The most popular ones would be in the admissions office, recreation center, housing, and the student union. The site requires you to make a profile visible to everyone, so it is quick and easy to apply to every job. Your college GPA will be added to the profile and you can add your resume as a PDF. 

Not everyone finds their jobs online; student Kathyrn Davis found her next summer job while sitting in the Student Union. She states, “I found a flyer about being an orientation leader. I was excited to have an opportunity to get paid and become more involved on campus. I loved being an orientation leader so much that it led me to working in the office of admissions all year as a Rebel Recruiter.” 

Every summer, UNLV’s Office of Admissions hires 30 orientation leaders who work to welcome the incoming freshmen class and transfer students. Along with that, Rebel Recruiters are students who give tours to incoming freshmen, answer phone calls, work on social media and staff special events throughout the year.

The Student Wellness and Recreation Center on campus is also hiring a lot of students. From working at the front desk, the outdoor activities office or being a lifeguard, anyone can find their passion. James Craig, a fourth-year student at UNLV, had his first on-campus job as a lifeguard when he was a freshman. 

He said, “I really enjoyed the job because we were able to get CPR certified right on campus, but I also made new friends and connections with people I still talk to today.” When asked if the job worked with his class schedule, he said, “They asked for our classes, and we worked around them since school is our number one priority. On campus, you will never be scheduled to work during your class time, which is amazing.”

There are four residential halls on campus, and students need to be staffed to keep operations running at them. Upper Housing and Residential Life staff hire campus security who check IDs before entering buildings, resident assistants (RAs) who help students acclimate to college life and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) who advocate for the students on campus while planning fun events for them. 

CJ Depauw has lived on campus for two years. Her first year she attended RHA events leading her to become an RHA intern her second year. Now that she is living on campus for a third year, she received a job offer to become an RA. She said, “It has been so rewarding to make students feel at home at UNLV.” Every floor has an RA staffed on them, who are on call daily to attend to any needs of students or emergencies that pop up.

The RHA board consists of 10 people every fiscal year and they work as a team. Lastly, there is one security guard hired for every building on campus that has residents residing in it.

These three places surely are not all the options for jobs on campus; you can work for your respective college as a peer mentor, work in the writing center, or even manage social media for UNLV. The opportunities are endless here, and the benefits are plentiful for working on campus. From flexibility, making connections, gaining experience and making lifelong friends, these are the reasons why your next job can and should be on campus.


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