Why you should complete an internship before graduating college

Resorts World interns in the Fall 2023 cohort pose for a photo to celebrate the completion of their internship. Courtesy of Resorts World HR.

An internship is a temporary job that will provide students with relevant work experience in their chosen field before they look for full-time employment. With the competitive job market and the fact that a bachelor’s degree is becoming equivalent to a high school diploma, students truly need to bulk up their resumes as much as possible. 

UNLV is in the hub of the entertainment capital of the world. Therefore, the opportunities are endless on the Strip and in surrounding cities like Henderson and Summerlin. There are internships available in housekeeping, marketing, front office, food and beverage, finance, gaming, sales, and so much more. Some students in specific majors can even receive credits towards their degree by completing an internship. 

Resorts World Las Vegas partners with UNLV every semester to receive 10-25 interns in their different departments. Those interns receive one-on-one time with directors who have been in the industry for multiple years so that they can be set with the most knowledge in their desired fields. Senior hospitality student Julie Cho just completed the internship with Resorts World as a front office management intern. She said it was an amazing experience because they worked with her university schedule and was offered a full time position right after the end of her internship. 

UNLV partners with Handshake to help the students find jobs and internships while in school. The opportunities range from summer jobs, internships and full time employment. For students without transportation, there are also jobs posted that are located on campus.

All over the United States internships are conducted yearly for people to learn more and boost their resumes. A popular internship opportunity trending online is the Disney College Program, where students will work at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for a semester in one of their many resorts or six theme parks.

The Disney College Program is not only working for Disney though; you also get the opportunity to take learning and development classes from managers in the company. An alumni of the program, Hannah Taylor, stated that, “Even though my major in college is nursing, working in a theme park taught me amazing organizational skills and time management. Disney is an amazing company to have on a resume and a great talking point in any kind of interview.” 

Other notable companies who have internship programs are Four Seasons, MGM Resorts, Allegiant Stadium, Marriott Hotels, Amazon and T-Mobile. 

While having a part-time job as a college student is important, taking time off to complete an internship in one’s desired field is way more valuable to have a career lined up after graduation. Internships are great ways to put the skills one has learnt in their classes to use and create those professional connections. Networking is an important tool, so keeping in touch with old leaders can be important to finding a job post-graduation. 

Many student internships for the summer are open online now. The best places to check for these are Indeed, LinkedIn and Handshake. Applying sooner rather than later is better!


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