UNLV reimagined: The Maryland Parkway Campus Master Plan


The UNLV campus is vast, spanning over 350 acres and 136 buildings. With the number of students attending and upcoming graduates, UNLV is planning to expand even further. 

On Dec. 3, 2021, the Board of Regents approved the new Maryland Parkway Campus Master Plan. According to the official UNLV website news page, “The plan outlines short-term (3-5 years), mid-term (5-10 years), and long-term (10+ years) goals for the campus’ physical improvements and development, including buildings, open spaces, signage, pathways and more.”

The new campus plan promises both physical and structural updates to UNLV’s campus. The ultimate goal is to organize colleges into seven “neighborhoods” with the intention of creating a better student experience. 

The seven “neighborhoods” are planned as follows: University Core, Tropicana District, Harmon District, Cottage Grove District, University District, Thomas and Mack District and Flamingo District. Each district focuses on an area of education, the University District even intends to include a brand new business school, a new fine arts building and a museum. 

UNLV dorm resident, Zoee Garcia, a sophomore Biology major, hopes to attend medical school here after her graduation in the Spring of 2024. After discovering the news of the plan, Garcia’s face lit up at the possibility of attending medical school in a brand new building. 

“It sounds amazing and it will definitely attract more students from all over the world, ” Garcia said about her belief about what the campus renovations could bring.

She continued to say that the renovation would not only bring more positive publicity to our campus, but more attention to all the areas of education we offer. 

“I think right now UNLV is mostly known for the hospitality management program, but if we were to expand our campus the way it’s planned to, it would bring others’ attention to all the other majors we have,” Garcia said.  

Garcia is elated at the prospect of a bigger and better campus. The diversity of our student body will be matched by our brand new campus. Overall, the new master plan is ambitious, but if executed accordingly, has the potential to elevate UNLV into one of the nicest college campuses across the country.


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