The first woman to headline Allegiant Stadium, but was it worth the price?

Photo from Yahoo News.

The weekend of March 24 and 25, Taylor Swift brought The Eras Tour to Las Vegas. Tickets were extremely expensive and very hard to come by, especially due to sites like TicketMaster and StubHub crashing and getting all its inventory bought by resellers. The concert was three hours and 12 minutes with 44 songs played by the pop sensation, but with how expensive it was, was it truly worth dropping anywhere from $200 to $700?

Taylor Swift’s last tour was in 2018, and it was the Reputation Stadium Tour. Lover Fest was supposed to happen in 2020, but it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This left her fans waiting over five years for another one of her concerts to happen. 

Swift truly did deliver to her fans though, because she had multiple outfit changes, two opening acts, Beabadoobe and Gayle as openers, and two surprise songs she would change up at every show.

While I personally had tickets to this show and was bursting with excitement to go, I decided to sell them after I saw the setlist. She did not have a single song from her “Debut” album and only one song, “Enchanted,” from “Speak Now” on her entire setlist. “Debut” is my favorite album and my entire concert outfit was based on it, so it practically ruined my vision of attending. I do regret selling them instead of going after all because with how much effort and work was put into the concert, I know I would have loved every moment of it.

Not everyone made my mistake though, people went to that concert and had the time of their lives. Big concert junkie, Jeron Gallimore, who was in attendance at the Saturday show, stated, “I thought I paid a fair price for the tickets. Not only did she play 44 songs in three hours, but her stage production, visuals, choreography, pyrotechnics, and everything was unlike anything I have ever seen before.” Gallimore goes to multiple concerts a year around Vegas but believes The Eras Tour was one of the best.

Taylor Swift truly has had multiple eras, ranging from upbeat songs to songs with the saddest lyrics one can hear. Her concert flawlessly portrayed all of them though. She begins with “Lover” and ends it in her newest album, “Midnights.” 

Ashlyn Stein was in attendance at the Friday show and claims that her favorite part was simply how beautiful it was. “She elegantly switched between each era in the most cinematic ways which was so cool and worth every penny.”

Another fun aspect of her concert was the light-up wristbands that everyone in attendance had the opportunity to wear. The wristband went along with the entire show changing colors based on the era. These wristbands were interactive and helped Swift to see exactly how many people were singing with her in the crows while she was on stage performing. 

At her Saturday show, she brought out singer Marcus Mumford as a surprise guest and they sang “Cowboy Like Me” from her album “Evermore.”According to Entertainment Tonight, during COVID when Swift was recording “Evermore,” she did not have a studio, but Mumford graciously let her use his, making the album what it is today. 

Every one of Taylor’s shows will have at least two openers, so with the price of a ticket there are two opening acts, three hours of Taylor Swift singing hits, and a chance to see a special guest who means something to Swift. Everyone got exactly what they paid for. For the cost of the extreme production and the length of it, it was reasonably priced and was quite the comeback for Taylor Swift in the concert world.


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