Are Luxury Gyms Worth the Cost?

Life Time swim coach overlooks student in private lesson. Photo by Abbie Millman.

While many people would associate the word gym with working out, this visualization is now being challenged by the emergence of luxury gyms. From chains across the nation like SoulCycle to Equinox Sports Club, gyms that offer high-quality services are rising in popularity.

Clientele of these exclusive gyms often can be anywhere from high-profile influencers to upper-middle-class citizens, yet there seems to be a commonality that draws different demographics to the same companies.

Specifically, within the Las Vegas community, KILO CLUB and Life Time have both made well-established names for themselves. 

Despite membership costs starting at $259 per month at Life Time, many still find the gym chain appealing. Even the exclusivity of KILO CLUB with private membership of 1,000 members appears to be enticing for many.

While the monthly membership costs may be steep, these luxury gyms are truly worth the money for someone who finds the payments to be feasible. 

“I think gyms like Life Time offer more amenities that others don’t,” said Madi Pool, an employee at the Summerlin Life Time Fitness location. “We have a hair salon, pickleball, spa, indoor and outdoor pool, etc. I also think we have more equipment that is high-end.”

Pool then explained how she believes the people at Life Time are great, and that the gym has created an overall fantastic community.

“I wanted to work here because I was already a member and I love the environment, which is why I paid for the membership. I think people pay so much because we offer so much and keep everything to a high standard,” said Pool.

Pool noted that if anything is broken, Life Time has a team of engineers to fix things immediately. She also elaborated on how Life Time always has the entire gym cleaned to the best of their ability.

One additional factor of the appeal to Life Time would also include the many family-friendly resources such as lessons, camps, child care, parties and more.

Undeniably, there is a multitude of gym options available that do not require such a significant financial investment. These gyms across Las Vegas range from Planet Fitness to Veterans Memorial Leisure Center to the UNLV campus gym.

Rebekah Palmaffy, a member of EōS Fitness, said, “I knew a lot of friends that went there as well and have memberships. It’s just nicer because at least then I could have someone to go to the gym with.”

Palmaffy then explained that EōS was an ideal choice for her because of the gym’s proximity to where she lives.

“With my membership, I can go to EōS at any location. It’s nice because I know a lot of people that go to EōS specifically, so I can go to any EōS that they go to.”

With 15 total locations in Las Vegas alone, EōS Fitness, though not considered as luxurious as Life Time, is also a popular fitness company amongst Las Vegas residents. Another appeal of EōS is that the gym is open 24 hours, which is not the case for Life Time, which operates from 4 to 12 a.m

However, it may also be acknowledged that luxury gyms are considered a luxury for a reason, and thus often offer a range of luxurious amenities such as saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools and more.

Wanting to provide their clientele with the best experience possible, luxury gyms often work to foster a community of approachable and affable employees, making the gym not so much a place to work out as much of a place to elevate one’s lifestyle.

Truthfully, luxury gyms are worth the cost, but only if the person purchasing a membership has the time and money to spend. For someone who works a nine-to-five job every day of the week, purchasing a luxury membership is a nonsensical decision.

Some people might benefit most from doing exercise in their living room, while others would take advantage of luxury amenities. Just as people have their own personal fitness routines that work for them, people should ultimately select their gym membership based on what makes sense for them.


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