YOU @ UNLV app launches to support students

YOU @ UNLV Ad provided by UNLV School of Integrated Health Sciences.

A new adopted digital resource that aims at improving student success and well-being launched at the start of the semester through the app, ‘YOU @ UNLV’.

“This was a platform I learned of as a visiting lecturer in 2014 and wanted to bring it to campus at that time,” Assistant Dean for the School of Integrated Health Sciences, Sharon Jalene said. “It took a while but we finally got it done! Although I am now employed at UNLV, I was a three time graduate and always struggled to find the information I needed. As a student who worked full time, I could have used the additional tools that YOU @ UNLV offers as it was often a struggle to stay healthy and meet my goals.”

YOU supports a variety of resources in a one user-friendly web interface with the goal of assisting students during their time at UNLV.

According to the YOU @ College website, the partnership pioneered a human-centered design process, inclusive of students and campus administrators in higher education. The human-centered design process led to the creation of the YOU platform to provide personalized and comprehensive care to every student from enrollment to graduation.

The School of Integrated Health Sciences is responsible for piloting the initiative to campus, while the UNLV Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) funded the portal.

“We’re proud of this partnership between CAPS and the School of Integrated Health Sciences,” associate vice president of Student Wellness, Jamie Davidson said. “The YOU portal is another example of how CAPS continues to innovate and adapt its services to meet the needs of students.”  

The project implementation period for the portal ran over the course of several months. Jalene said that originally her desire to fund the YOU portal was not possible due to a limited budget.

Originally ‘The Hub’ had a similar user interface experience. The utilization of The Hub will continue alongside the use of YOU @ UNLV in the Division of Health Sciences in conjunction with the student-run podcast “UNLV Groundbreakers”

“Some students come to college knowing exactly how to thrive here,” UNLV graduate student and YOU @ UNLV campus ambassador, Trey Curtis-Brown said. “But others need support. The YOU @ UNLV portal meets students where they are and grows with them over time.”

The launch of the YOU portal is an extension of Curtis-Brown’s personal and professional interests. 

“My favorite thing about serving as the YOU ambassador is having the opportunity to deliver a resource to students while working alongside university faculty and staff,” Curtis-Brown said. “I am hopeful for what the summer holds as the YOU team will work to introduce this to incoming students at future orientations.”

The app, YOU, originally developed through a unique public-private partnership between Grit Digital Health and Colorado State University.


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