UNLV Rebel HD2 is getting ready to go international

The inside of the KUNV 91.5 FM radio booth in the Greenspun College. (Jimmy Romo/S&G)

UNLV’s student radio station, The Rebel-HD2, is going to be broadcasted internationally on World College Radio Day . 

Oct. 7 is a day meant to spread awareness globally on college campuses, students are encouraged to listen in on what students from UNLV and students across the world have to say, according to the College Radio Foundation. World College Radio Day is organized by the College Radio Foundation, a non-profitable organization. 

There have been over 60 countries and hundreds of radio stations that have participated in this event, according to the radio foundation site. 

The foundation’s goal is to bring global awareness using the many participating college and high school radio stations. The broadcast is intended for people who might not traditionally listen to college radio. 

This is the twelfth annual event, the theme this year is being the voices for peace. All radio stations participating in this year’s event will have a unified message that they stand with people suffering from violence and want peace. 

KUNV 91.5 FM, The Rebel-HD2 is one out of over 600 stations that are going to be participating at the event. 

The UNLV voices of the radio that will participate in this event include students Valentina Palacios, Lucca Pastorino, Cole Dunetz, Kevin Kan and more, according to KUNV Operations Manager Jason Beatty. He believes these individuals play a vital role in college radio at UNLV and could one day be the voices of the Las Vegas Valley.

“It’s not often that you hear a college student’s perspective on mainstream radio. That’s where college radio stations step in and provide that there is also an international local music exchange,” KUNV Radio and UNLV-TV General Manager Ashton Ridley said. “So there is an opportunity where music is exchanged globally, to where you can hear different sounds, different musicians, different artistry, and really appreciate music on a different level.” 

Last year’s theme was the war in Ukraine and the College Radio Foundation wanted to show their support towards the college radio stations in Ukraine that were impacted.

“The college students, young people can see that if they have a voice and that when they come together, they can get their word, their message out across the world,” Beatty said. “And you know, young people are going to be the ones who change the way things are. And the sooner y’all realize your own power, the sooner we can make the changes we all want.” 

To tune in, you can listen to 91.5 The Rebel-HD2 or download The Rebel HD2 app on your Apple or Android devices.


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