UNLV Plants Wi-Fi Hubs Around Campus


Several wireless posts have been installed around campus by the Office of Information Technology (OIT), with sights set on building more wireless ports for the UNLV community. 

New Wi-Fi expansions are intended to help the students of UNLV experience a seamless learning experience and make the campus a growing network for those who have class in-person or virtually on campus.

Access to UNLV Wi-Fi is granted to students through a network called eduroam. This is a private server that allows students to log in using their individual ACE account that the school provided. The Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act funded the installment of the Wi-Fi post. 

This new Wi-Fi expansion is expected to help those at UNLV and allows students to have a better connection throughout campus. This lowers the chances of connection issues when online or in previously not supported areas around campus.

UNLV will continue to plan and build on this new project, and strengthen the UNLV Wi-Fi for future investments.


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