UNLV expands mental health resources for students

A student walks alone down the Academic Hall towards the Student Union at UNLV (Photo by Jimmy Romo)

UNLV is expanding the mental health resources available to students through the Student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Program

The university plans to hire six more counselors, two psychiatrists, an associate director, wellness educator and administrative assistant in the current expansion, according to a recent news release. This will bring the total number of program staff to 33. 

The university said its goal is to eliminate the current wait times for students seeking mental aid. Reported wait times with the old staffing levels were as long as two to three weeks for non-crisis, first-time appointments. 

The mental health fee that was implemented in fall 2021 pays for the program, according to UNLV. The fee charges $50 per semester, $25 for summer semesters, to students enrolled in six or more hours of coursework. 

CAPS plans to further expand by embedding two counselors in on-campus housing this semester and into soon-to-be unused space in UNLV’s Student Services Complex-Building A (SSC-A). They also plan to operate a satellite office on the Shadow Lane campus by summer 2023. 


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