The UNLV Bike Shop and University Police Services collaborate to promote bicycle and scooter safety

By Kayla Roberts

The UNLV Bike Shop and University Police Services, Southern Command (UPD) have worked together to start a joint initiative that increases public awareness of bicycle and scooter security. Early in 2022, this campaign was developed as a UNLV Police Department and Student Life project. Mike Conley, Associate Director for Programs at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, spoke further on the campaign’s goals during UNLV’s Bike Shop collaboration with the UPD.

“This campaign was created early 2022 as part of an initiative with UNLV PD and Student Life. Together we created the program and began to provide locks for free to those who registered their bike with UNLV PD. The SRWC Bike Shop also provides free safety inspections and will register your bike/scooter for you upon request. Once registered, the SRWC Bike Shop will provide a free lock” said Conley.

As the project was devised together, UNLV Bike Shop has been giving away free locks to bike owners who not only registered their vehicles with UNLV PD but have also faced bike along scooter thefts. Conley expresses his concerns for bike and scooter safety by utilizing the resources from the latest campaign.

“The main thing I would say to the UNLV community is to lock your bike/scooter up and lock it up correctly. I see bikes/scooters around campus that are not locked and sitting where anyone could walk away with the bike/scooter. Also, if you live on campus, utilize one of the several bike cages to prevent theft even more,” Conley stated.

Since preventing theft starts with having the necessary tools, UNLV Student Services has provided a limited quantity of U-locks to students at no cost as of now. Students who register their equipment with University Police Services will receive these locks. Students are given the option to register online or via the UNLV RebelSAFE app. Registered equipment assists UPD in identifying lost or stolen items and returning them to their rightful owner in the event of a stolen or lost bicycle or scooter. University Police Services is presenting to all bike as well as scooter owners a safe and secure learning environment on campus. Therefore, this campaign is a tiny yet impactful portion of their total commitment to the community. As of this past week, the campaign has shown its strong implementation on campus.

“To date, there have been over 50 bike/scooter locks handed out to assist with bicycle/scooter security on campus. The SRWC bike shop will ask patrons to register their bike with UNLV PD and provide a bike lock upon request,” Conley explained.

The locks may be obtained from the University Police Department’s Headquarters, which is situated on the first floor of the University Gateway parking garage, with documentation proving the equipment’s registration. On campus, at the UNLV Campus Recreational Services Bike Shop, additional bicycle services are offered. The Bike Shop is open Tuesday through Thursday from 5-7 p.m. and on Monday and Wednesday from 12-2 p.m.


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