Student Resources Discussion with Project Wellness

UNLV's Project Wellness Team at the Involvement Fair. Image provided by Isabelle Vrinceanu.

Beginning a new semester can be challenging at any stage of your academic career. With a variety of resources for everyone on campus, it was difficult for students to find out what they needed. Until now. 

As of Sept. 2, Student News has announced that the university has launched a new Student Resource Guide with all the information necessary for students’ success and well-being. This guide provides a multitude of topics from mental health, academic support, financial assistance and additional tools for access. To learn more about the benefits of the Student Resource Guide, the Scarlet & Gray Free Press has reached out to Isabelle Vrinceanu, historian for UNLV’s student organization, Project Wellness. 

As stated by Vrinceanu, “Project Wellness Club is a student-led organization at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, dedicated to promote mental health and well-being among students. Founded in 2022, our club has grown into a vibrant hub for health enthusiasts and those passionate about creating a healthier, happier campus environment.” 

At Project Wellness Club, their mission is to empower the UNLV student community through their mental health by providing resources such as workshops, workout sessions, meditation times and town hall meetings. “We believe that when students feel their best physically and mentally, they can excel academically and enjoy a more fulfilling college experience,” Vrinceanu says.

The Project Wellness Club began with a group of medical students, with each one understanding the struggles students face when balancing a work, life and school schedule. When the Student Resource Guide came out, their thoughts were overall positive with a few suggestions.

“The idea to create the new Student Resource guide was amazing. Once all students are aware of it, I believe it will be very handy. In my opinion, a way to improve it is by adding next to the listed resource categories the direct link to access each resource. Keep the page simple and organized as it is for easy access,” stated Vrinceanu.

With all the resources now available online to students, the Project Wellness Club hopes for students to have more accessibility, but also consider their organization if students need a safe space to speak up. The club is available to all students whether they are studying in the medical field, just starting out in school or someone who would like to focus on their wellness. If interested in being involved with the Project Wellness Club, you can join by visiting the Involvement Center’s webpage and begin attending their monthly meetings. Feel free to also follow their Instagram account under the account name @projectwellnessunlv for more information on their upcoming events or new resource alerts. 
For more student wellness services, the UNLV Support Team is there for all members of the UNLV community as well. UNLV Support Team works with students who are experiencing issues with housing, food or financial insecurities. Their assistance ranges from offering support offices, access to crisis and suicide hotlines, online training and guidance in obtaining funds. If you are looking for resources but don’t know where to start, feel free to utilize the How Can We Help Form Page to be connected with support staff.


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