Rebels After Dark hosts students under lunar eclipse

Students crowded in the Alumni Amphitheatre to watch a movie and eat snacks for the last Rebels After Dark event of the year. Photo by Jimmy Romo

UNLV’s last Rebels After Dark event for the year featured a Movie night that featured Guardians of the Galaxy which brought students together in their pajamas and blankets to enjoy pizza, hot chocolate and a lunar eclipse that peered through the cloudy night. 

The event welcomed approximately 100 students from across campus to the UNLV Amphitheater located by the Pida Plaza. 

When arriving at the event, students checked in with their Rebel Events pass and were able to pick up a copy of the debuted UNLV Premiere 25th Anniversary drone photo. Following this, students socialized with one another, stood in line for pizza, popcorn, hot chocolate, and cookies, and then sat down to watch Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy with blankets and pillows. 

Tanner Donovan, a computer science student who attended the movie night told the Scarlet & Gray, “My favorite part about this event is seeing everyone come together right before the holidays to enjoy the great weather, pizza, and friends while watching Guardians of the Galaxy. The pizza was fantastic, the staff was amazing, and the lunar eclipse was memorable.”

The event hosted not just a movie but also debuted during a lunar eclipse. It was the longest partial eclipse in 580 years and darkened the moon for the majority of the globe. 

The historic near-total lunar eclipse casted a red hue nearing the end of the movie night, but was an added touch to the outside landscape of the event as stated by many students in attendance. 

“Our movie night is one of the culminating events of the semester and it has been such a great time getting to know all of the students and being able to bring back all of these events to campus,” said a member of the Rebel Events Board, Madelyn Schmit. “This event was such a nice way to bring students together to celebrate the end of the semester and our board is so excited for what next year holds.”

The Rebel Events Board is a registered student organization on UNLV’s campus dedicated to creating, planning, and executing campus wide events. Past events similar to Rebels After Dark are their Open Mic Nights, Halloween Harvest, and painting events. 

“While this movie night wasn’t as hectic and complex as some of our other events, it still was such a great opportunity for us to come together and create a cozy environment for students to celebrate the end of the semester before the holidays,” said a member of the evening events committee, Mounzer Zein. 

For students interested in getting involved with the Rebel Events Board, the student-led organization holds meetings every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Student Union.

“A way that students can get involved is through the student involvement center online where students can sign up for the free club membership and then they will be contacted by the board to join the group and attend the weekly meetings,” said Rebel Event Boards newest member, Elyssa Molinari.


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