Proactive efforts lead to large reduction in local COVID-19 cases

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Nevada’s COVID-19 containment efforts have led to a decreasing number of cases in the Clark County region, according to Gov. Steve Sisolak.  

“I’m hopeful that the worst is behind us, but you never know with variants that are coming forward,” Sisolak said. “I think that we’re making significant progress on the virus as it relates to the delta variant, which caused our last surge.”

During the Oct. 7 press conference, Sisolak stated that 63 percent of eligible Nevada residents have started or completed the vaccination process.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, and other local agencies are the key contributors to the decrease of COVID-19 cases in Nevada.  

FEMA Surge Teams arrived in Nevada in July and have since worked to support local vaccination measures by assisting with vaccination pop-up sites, a call center and neighborhood canvassing, which included door-to-door outreach.

The work was paired with local public health systems and directed efforts toward ZIP codes that experienced low vaccination efforts with high infection rates. 

Since July, COVID-19 cases have fallen and is now reported by Sisolak that positive cases statewide stand at a low of 8.5 percent.

The World Health Organization recommended a minimum of five percent positive cases before the consideration of relaxing mandated measures.

With vaccination results indicating lower COVID-19 cases, some states have started to mandate proof of vaccination for social participation.

The Washington Post reported that Nevada’s sister state, California, has recently passed strict legislation in Los Angeles on proof of full vaccination for entry into restaurants, bars, gyms, nail salons and sporting events, starting Nov. 4.

This legislation has sparked anticipation over the possibility of similar enactments in Las Vegas. 

“I am not anticipating any more mandates, as you’re talking about in L.A.,” Sisolak said, during a press conference on Oct. 7, as reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Students attending or planning to enroll in a Nevada System of Higher Education institution are required to show proof of full vaccination for enrollment. The NSHE Board of Regents is also requiring faculty to be vaccinated a month after.

For current and incoming students to successfully enroll in the Spring 2022 semester, proof of vaccination should be provided by Nov. 1. Faculty must also provide proof of vaccination by Dec. 1 of 2021 to maintain an active employment status with their employer.

It is noted that recorded medical or religious exemptions will be accepted by UNLV.


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