Police investigating shooting in front of Cheba-Hut

LVMPD and UPD at the crime scene of a shooting investigation in Cheba-Hut's parking lot in the Runnin' Rebel Plaza. Photo by Jimmy Romo

The same day as The Degree Housing Complex shooting, another shooting occurred around UNLV’s campus in front of the Cheba-Hut where a few fraternity members went to grab dinner. 

On Jan. 23, at around 5:00 p.m. a shot rang in the Runnin’ Rebels Plaza in front of the Cheba-Hut parking lot. Witnesses at Cheba-Hut came to the restaurant after the Phi Delta Theta fraternity meeting that took place in the Student Union.   

“I was just sitting outside eating, we were almost done, when I saw a guy, walking out, who was on FaceTime on the phone, and then all of a sudden I see the front of a gun and he’s pointing it at the phone,” said fraternity member and witness, Nathan Carter. 

A UPD officer flashing his light onto the floor where a bullet casing is found in the parking lot of Cheba-Hut in the Runnin’ Rebel Plaza. Photo by Jimmy Romo

Carter then told his fraternity members what he saw and they decided to get out of the restaurant. 

“I see him wave [the gun] in the air,” Carter said. “We’re out the door by now, starting to walk away when we hear a gunshot, so we take off running.” 

The suspect was on foot in the parking lot when the shooting took place. 

University Police Services (UPD) and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) responded at the scene of the crime. A casing of a 9 mm bullet, a round commonly used in law enforcement by recommendation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), was found in the parking lot of Cheba-Hut, where Carter saw the suspect. 

“We just ran as fast as we could because it’s a guy with a gun,” said a member of the fraternity, Dylan, who wished to not provide his last name. “We’re not armed. We don’t have anything.” 

Suspect is still at large, and there is no description of him has been released by UPD and LVMPD. 

A bullet casing found at the crime scene in front of Cheba-Hut in the Runnin’ Rebel Plaza. Photo by Jimmy Romo


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