New Arte Museum Brings Nature to the heart of the Strip

Digitally-generated flowers follow cup placement in Arte Bar at Arte Museum Las Vegas, Wednesday, November 29, 2023. (UNLV Scarlet & Gray Free Press/ Allister Dias)

Among the glitz and glamor of the Las Vegas strip, a new art museum brings an artistic spark to the heart of the city. 

ARTE Museum, an attraction that utilizes all five senses of attendees, opens on Friday to the general public. Located at 63 building, along Harmon Ave and Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, the 30,000-square-foot museum features a wide array of different exhibits including realistic crashing ocean waves, interactive user-drawn safaris, evolving Van Gogh displays, and rooms adorned with the scent and experience of camellia flowers. 

The creation and execution of the museum’s many exhibits are the brainchild of d’strict, a South Korean-based digital art company. Globally, d’strict operates five museums in Asia, with the Las Vegas location marking the first in the United States. 

Creative Director of Arte Museum, Jin Lee, centered the museum’s exhibits around bringing nature to the urban setting. This combination emphasized sensory exploration and fluidity.  

“It’s easy for people related to nature, since nature is very self-explanatory and why we decided to focus on aspects of nature,” Lee said in an exclusive interview on Wednesday’s opening night.

Popularity of AI tools like ChatGPT and Adobe Firefly have brought into question the sanctity of art, in light of digital mediums. With the Arte Museum, emphasis is placed on finding a balance between technology and art, while providing an immersive experience for guests.

“We are trying to bring this digital concept into the art world. In regards to AI, we use motion sensors in our Arte Tea Bar and use the data to see how people move around…and make the digital flowers bloom around the users,” Lee said. “Using that technology, we create a more interactive nature world.”

“As we were introducing an exhibition where people come and interact and enjoy, that is the path that we want to share and that is our goal,” Lee said. “We want to make sure we present an experience to people who come visit us, to interact and enjoy their time here. Hopefully, we could share that kind of atmosphere and fuel to future exhibits like this or even a new type of form of exhibition.”

The exhibit offers various exhibits including the “Lights of Las Vegas”, which showcases the dynamic nature of Las Vegas nightlife and the blend of natural beauty and urban sprawl. Inclusion of iconic artists like Gustav Klimt, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar, Degas, and Claude Monet in the “Light of Masterpieces” exhibit immerses guests in a digital rendition of many classic pieces, along with dynamically shifting displays.

Guests are transported from the fast life of the Las Vegas strip to the calm and relaxed environment of the Arte Museum. 

Tickets are on sale for $50 for general admission and $55 for both general admission and the Arte Tea Bar. Prospective visitors can get tickets to day at 
*Editor’s Note: Given the shooting that occurred on December 6 at UNLV, publishing of this article has been delayed for surrounding circumstances. As a result, dates mentioned in this article are a reflection of the week of November 29, 2023.


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