Get ready to register for classes


It is almost time to register for classes, starting on Nov. 1. Here is what you’ll need to be able to register for the upcoming spring semester.   

The Nevada System of Higher Education had the State Board of Health vote to mandate students and faculty to be vaccinated this year, according to previous reporting. On Nov. 1 students in NSHE are required to register their vaccination record to the school on the Self-Service Help Center. 

NSHE employees are required to be vaccinated by Dec. 1, this was in response to students needing to be vaccinated. 

UNLV drive-thru clinic provides free COVID-19 vaccines and testing at the new location. The clinic is located at the Paradise Campus from Thursday to Sunday from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. No appointment is required to test or vaccinate, but members of the community are asked to pre-register to speed up the process. 

The booster shot is not required and students will not have a hold placed on students accounts. 

Medical and religious waivers can be requested from UNLV by the State Board of Health Vaccine Exemption Forms found at the Self-Service Help Center. 

If anyone received their vaccination in Nevada and lost their card, their data could be accessible at Nevada WebIZ. 

Currently the COVID-19 case numbers are still falling, according to the Southern Nevada Health District’s data. Ending the week on Oct. 24, the seven-day average is at roughly 200 cases a day and deaths are falling to roughly 5 deaths a day. 


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