Freaks n’ Greeks wins best painting

Freaks and Greeks decorating their winning window painting to kick off one of UNLV Homecoming traditions. Photo by Jimmy Romo.

   Dozens of students met in the Pida Plaza to kick off homecoming week by decorating the first floor windows of the Student Union on Oct. 18.

    The window painting is one of UNLV’s long standing homecoming traditions to spark school spirit. This year, six teams competed head-to-head in a friendly competition to see which team painted their best three windows.

    Each team was allowed to select a time period that corresponded to the overarching theme of  a decade. This follows the theme of this year’s homecoming, which was the Return of the Times.  

   Freaks n’ Greeks, Since U Been Greek, Disco Dynamos, the NPAC, Greek Kids on the Block and the Dukes and Dames were the teams that participated in the window painting competition. 

    Each team selected a different decade as the theme by which they painted their windows.

    Students began painting their respective decades, a team went with the ‘70s while others chose to paint the ‘80s, ’90s or early 2000s, one team even got approval and went as far back as to paint the Middle Ages.

    If two teams selected the same period, each had their own unique perspective on the decade, like that of two teams on that cloudy morning. 

    The Greek Kids on the Block team and the NPAC both chose the ‘90s. However, the results of each team were diverse and original in their own right.

    Before the painting started, each team was asked what inspired their windows idea.

    When the NPAC was asked what inspired their idea, students said they “envisioned a ‘90s Rubik’s cube, but also planned a Black Lives Matter twist on their window painting.”

    Other teams like Since U Been Greek said they were “inspired to do a 2000s MTV music award decade painting.”

    By the end, there were 18 colorfully painted on the outside windows of the Student Union, visible to those passing the Pida Plaza. 

   A series of judges voted on the top three teams and their creations. 

   First place went to the ‘80s themed window painted by the Freaks n’ Greeks.   

   Second place was awarded to Disco Dynamos, who painted a series of ‘70s disco dance silhouettes. Third place went to the Middle Ages themed window, the Dukes and Dames.


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