CSUN State of the Campus Address

Abe Lugo speaking at the CSUN State of the Campus Address in the Pida Plaza. Photo by Jimmy Romo.

The UNLV CSUN State of the Campus address brought students tacos, a mechanical bull and the CSUN senate election results. 

According to UNLV Student Body President Caren Yap, the legislative side of CSUN has given student run organizations $85,000 in funding so far, expanded the accessibility to the senate application process, expanded the CSUN internship program and passed over 100 bills and legislation that can benefit students. 

“As a former senator of the Lee Business School, transitioning into the second branch has given me the opportunity to see the potential at UNLV of the most capable, hardworking humans I know,” Yap said.

According to Yap, marketing at CSUN is said to have revamped its social media organization content. Student engagement has disbursed over 200 textbook vouchers and hundreds of RebelCash vouchers. 

“Elections and operations have made CSUN feel like home again for everyone,” Yap said. “[CSUN] arguably held the most effective and most organized student election I’ve ever witnessed.” 

Yap then went into her appreciation for everyone that has made life much easier for CSUN. 

“Saha Salahi has been the best secretary any student organization has ever had,” Yap said. “The Chief of Staff, Ray, created the first ever CSUN newsletter, managed the first CSUN internal calendar and basically does anything to support.” 

Yap addresses that CSUN pays student workers at the Food Pantry and Care Center. Student government has also provided 27,140 students New York Times subscriptions. 

“We have donated over $400,000 to fund student organizations,” Yap said. “We’ve formed a strong relationship with the UNR student government president, and we were able to make lasting changes that would’ve increased student tuition by $2,000.” 

Yap mentioned that she looked over a campaigning piece from last semester and found that they have already done all the things that they set out to do. 

She promises to continue pushing for student safety. 

“Thank you all for being my support and to everyone in attendance tonight,” Yap said. 

CSUN Student Body Vice President Abraham Lugo also spoke at the CSUN State of the Campus address, but in respect to Hispanic Heritage month. 

“As a Hispanic, I found it difficult to integrate myself,” Lugo said. “I found it difficult to find people that look like me in positions of power in higher education, but we’re here. 

Lugo has been waiting for the representation to change and see more people like himself in positions of power. For him, the time is now. He assures everyone of color has value and so do their cultures. 

“Please never ever ever give who you are, where you come from or anything in between,” Lugo said.


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