CCSD Superintendent Jara terminated

CCSD superintendent Jesus Jara reads a book to a class. Photo courtesy of CCSD's photo gallery.

Jesus Jara, CCSD’s Superintendent, was terminated out of convenience in a four to three vote at a Clark County School Board of Trustees meeting on Oct. 28. 

Trustee Danielle Ford was the first to motion to remove Jara from his duties, months before his reevaluation. “I would like to make a motion to terminate the employment of agreement of Jesus Jara for inconvenience by the board of trustees,” Ford said in the meeting. 

Jara sits in silence with his hand on his face as trustees are voting on his termination and trustee Lisa Guzman. 

“I know his departure is not in the best interest of the district, at this point in time,” said Lola Brooks, CCSD trustee, to Jara’s defense. “Watching the drama with the regents unfold made it clear to me that abuse is a power and toxic work environments aren’t produced by this board alone.” 

Brooks was interrupted towards the end of her speech by Ford for allegations. Linda Cavazos, CCSD board president, was left to bring order to the drama Ford brought to the meeting. 

When Brooks is given back her turn to speak, she puts down another motion to be voted on and that is to hold onto Jara until Jan 4. 2023. CCSD trustee Katie Williams seconded that motion. 

In the vote to table the motion, Brooks was unsuccessful in allowing Jara a longer stay with a four to three vote. 

Trustees Irene Capeda, Guzman, Ford, and Cavazos all voted against Jara’s stay and the crowd cheered that they were one step closer to getting the superintendent out of CCSD. 

The original motion to terminate Jara was set to vote immediately after they voted for his extension. Capeda, Guzman, Ford, and Cavazos voted to terminate the superintendent for convenience months before his contract was going to expire and be re-evaluated. 

Jara wished to make a statement. 

“I want to be very clear that my focus has never wavered from working every single day to improve the well being and academic success of our students,” he starts. “While some members of this board seek to continue and try to run the operations of this school district and micromanage me and undermine staff, I have been dedicated to protecting the staff from overreach and interference. 

“My focus on student achievement and well-being has never and will never waiver in my career,” Jara continued. “Unfortunately, a majority of this board did not share the same vision for this community and the children will suffer because of it.”

Jara excuses himself from the evening as he has officially been terminated for convenience by four board members.  A member of the audience holds up a sign that reads “#JaraLies” on one side and “#PeletonGate” on the other side. A few others wave goodbye to Jara.  

“You lost the entire executive staff,” Williams said directly to Cavazos in the meeting after the board president voted against Jara. “You are a toxic leader in this district and I hope every single one of these parents see it.” 

Cavazos immediately requested to cut Williams’ mic off. She also says Williams is out of order and so is the public. The feud between Williams and Cavazos in the meeting gives a glimpse of the drama that happens on the board.


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