BREATHE! Convention 2023 Is Coming To Las Vegas

Front Entrance of the Expo with Breathe Team. Image Provided by Brian Edmiston.

The world of technology is constantly changing, and the BREATHE! Convention 2023 is here to present all the newest innovations. 

BREATHE! is a place for creative minds to learn, apply and thrive on the latest technologies such as Web 3.0, blockchains, AI and additional advances in the digital landscape. The company behind BREATHE!’s branding is known as 5am Global and they emphasize the importance of networking, especially with students for their future careers. 

“The whole purpose of BREATHE! was created with the idea that people shouldn’t have to focus on solely dedicating themselves to just work and to just trying to make as much money as possible. It’s really important to also incorporate that level of work-life balance and that level of attentiveness to your own health and to your own sort of mental focus, mental clarity, your ability to relax and recoup. And that sort of sprouted the idea of Breathe,” said Brian Edmiston, the public relations director at 5am Global.

The BREATHE! Convention will not be like other conventions as it is described to be an immersive and socializing experience for all visitors. Multiple theaters and stages will be set for speaking sessions which will allow attendees to talk directly with speakers. 

Whiteboard sessions will also be provided for a chance to shake hands with those delivering speeches and for informal conversations. The panel of speakers includes working professionals within the field, such as one of our own UNLV professors, Benjamin Morse. 

“What I’m hoping to achieve is that I really want to expose UNLV students and faculty to the different resources available to them beyond just within UNLV,” Morse said.

Breathe is a brand looking to expand not only within the Las Vegas area but internationally through events similar to this one taking place in the World Market Center.

Their Wall of Love represents their expanding values for the brand through their website. There are also the fear factors of integrating new technology into our daily lives, but that can be reassured through attending this event.

“There’s that scary factor into it. It’s very scary, but I want to understand. I’m trying to start understanding when I’m talking to people who use ChatGPT and being like, All right? Well, how can I use it? I don’t want to use it to write a paper but maybe I can use it to do an outline to bridge that gap a little bit. Instead, it’s like, how can we utilize this as a tool as something to make our lives easier but not in a way that cheats us out of the experience of the real thing,” says Morse.

The event takes place Sept.13-15 at the Expo in the World Market Center Las Vegas and is free to all UNLV students and faculty. Attendees must include their UNLV email during the sign-up process to receive a free pass. Those interested are also welcome to assist with social media, tech, hospitality, and logistics at the event using the following volunteering page on their website. The UNLV community is greatly encouraged to attend the event and take a moment to make connections while understanding new technological advances.


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