An attempted robbery that lead to a bomb threat

UPD responding to a bomb threat after closing down the SU. Photo by Jimmy Romo

In an attempted robbery of the U.S. Bank located in the Student Union (SU), the suspect that was placed is custody referenced a bomb in the SU. 

On Feb. 10, at 10:30 a.m. University Police (UPD) responded to an attempted robbery at the U.S. Bank on the first floor of the Student Union (SU) at UNLV. The suspect was unarmed and placed into custody in connection to the incident. In custody, the individual made a comment about there being a bomb inside the SU, according to Assistant Chief of the UPD, Tod Miller. 

Not taking any chances, the entire building started to be evacuated by officers. This shutdown of the SU provided the UPD the opportunity to check the building of anything that could resemble a bomb.

Officers went door-to-door on all three floors in the SU knocking and asking the inhabitants to evacuate the premises where they crowded in the D parking lot located next to Harmon St. and Maryland Parkway.

The emergency notification came at 11:06 a.m. where students felt the notification came late. The message was sent to students and faculty that read, “Bomb Threat recieved, Student Union. Building evacuated. Avoid the area until further notice.” 

 UPD cruisers blocked entry to all access points of the SU, where officers would ask bystanders to move away from the area. 

A bomb squad was not sent to sweep the building, but upon confirmation that there was no credible threat and the evacuation was lifted, resulting in the building reopening at 11:20 a.m. It is unclear so far what charges the suspect will face in court. 


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