WE NEED JUSTICE – Allison Hardy

Photo by Taylor Finelli.

UNLV, it’s time for change and this change needs to happen now.

As a senior at UNLV, I urge everyone to please continue to help out by signing petitions, donating to the victims families, reaching out to the university president and provost via email, and joining or collaborating with the @rebelstrongcommittee. 

Our voices must be heard. We need to advocate now more than ever for the safety of future generations, including children, staff,and faculty, as the UNLV campus is not safe and never has been. Anyone who has been to this campus knows homeless people are everywhere harassing students and that you can walk into any building whether you’re a student or not, no questions asked. This tragic event should never have occurred, and my heart goes out to every victim — the educators who lost their lives and the students who had to endure the terrifying experience of hiding under their desks and praying for their safety amid approximately 40 minutes of gunfire, completely unaware of its source. The news is downplaying this event by stating there were three victims. WE ARE ALL VICTIMS. No one should ever have to wonder if their friends or family are alive and safe while at school or work. To be very clear, this is NOT the first time lives have been lost due to UNLV’s negligence, and the harsh reality is what if no student or staff member in Beam Hall had made it out alive? Then would UNLV take our concerns seriously? Then would they be empathetic towards the students who pay thousands of dollars to attend the university who have been begging for years for safety precautions at our school? 

UNLV, my question to you is how many more people need to get hurt before you implement changes? Not only does gun control in America need to be taken VERY seriously, but our own schools need to BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for having safety measures in place for their students and staff. The mass texts, conflicting information and the run-hide-fight mantra only caused more panic amongst the students and staff on campus. UNLV, this is your opportunity to finally make UNLV a closed campus and implement a surplus of safety measures to your campus and right your wrongs. As a student, I really don’t know how many more senseless traumatic events I can live through, so IT’S TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE. 

Please continue to share and repost your stories. Don’t let anyone silence your voice and continue to fight for what you believe in. Most importantly, if you need help whether it’s this week, next month or next year, ask. #unlvstrong

Thank you.


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