Student Testimony

Photo by Taylor Finelli.

   My class was canceled on Wednesday, Dec. 6, so I did not have to go on campus, but I wanted to anyway, to be productive, so I went to do homework in the student union. Around 11:48 a.m. there was a huge rush of people, and all of a sudden, a male student yelled for everyone to get out and run because there was a shooter just outside. I grabbed my things as quickly as I could and ran out of the Student Union. I didn’t hear any gunshots, but I was still scared that any direction I would’ve ran in could’ve been the wrong choice. I kept running until I got to Tropicana where I was finally home to my off-campus apartment. Although now we know it was a targeted attack, at the moment, no one knew anything except that there was danger and we had to get away. I’ve praised God for the guy that told us all to get out of the Student Union, and I do not know him or even remember what he looks like, but he probably knows who he is and deserves recognition. I pray for everyone at UNLV to heal soon and know that they are loved and appreciated. 

Thank you for this opportunity,



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