Where to eat while at Allegiant Stadium

The football field inside of Allegiant Stadium before the Rebels take the field. Photo by Jimmy Romo.

With the UNLV rebel football team having the privilege of playing at Allegiant Stadium, students and other attendees are able to experience an NFL level experience for a college football game. The actual playing of the game may be important, but knowing what to eat while at the game is equally as important.

Now Allegiant is not a normal stadium. With the Las Vegas food scene being what it is, many can expect that Allegiant Stadium would be serving some of the best food in the city.

Starting with the Twitch lounge, for those sitting in this section they are lucky enough to have access to a fried chicken restaurant called Spring Chicken. This restaurant is actually run and operated by Yardbird at the Venetian. Known for their southern fried chicken that has been named the best fried chicken in the country by Southern Living Magazine many times, no fans can enjoy chicken tenders at a much higher quality and much better taste than most football stadiums can offer.

As fans are walking to their seats, many might run across a burger place with a familiar name. Holsteins is currently located at the Cosmopolitan, and now has a few smaller locations at Allegiant Stadium. These burgers have a much higher quality than most burgers you can get at a regular restaurant let alone a football stadium. 

Not only was he named the UNLV 2021 Alumni of the Year, Guy Fieri is also serving up some amazing food straight from the grill. From the Motley Pulled Pork Sandwich to the Cheesy Burger at Guy Fieri’s Tailgate. 

Famous Las Vegas food truck FukuBurger now has a brick and mortar within the walls of Allegiant. Their American classics with a Japanese twist have been rocking the streets of Las Vegas for some time now. Now while at Allegiant, they offer some of their crowd favorite menu items such as Chicken Katsu Sandwich and Fuku Burger are available during the game.

The Green Valley Ranch Hotel and Casino also has a familiar name in the pizza world called Pizza Rock. Their thin crust style pizzas are now available at Allegiant Stadium. From some of the more classics like cheese and pepperoni to a little bit different flavors for those looking to be a little more adventurous, all are now available while you are watching the Rebels.

Those who are more traditional when it comes to their lucky game day meal, crowd pleasers like hotdogs, soft pretzels, popcorn and other fan favorites are available throughout the stadium. 

As if the food was not enough, who needs cheap canned beer when Hop Nation Brewing has multiple different beers on tap in multiple locations across the stadium? From IPAs to more mellow beers, Allegiant really does offer something for everybody.

Along with Hop Nation Brewing, the Jack Daniels Bar and 1960 Bar offers fans with different drink choices throughout the stadium. Whether you were drinking a Jack and Coke, a Bloody Mary, or a Silver and Black Margarita during that touchdown, you know Allegiant will always have your lucky drink. 

Being such a new facility, Allegiant Stadium has made such a highly rated name for itself in such a short span of time. The Raiders and the Rebels have fans flocking to their seats week after week for a weekend spent for more than just the game, but the food as well.


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