Valentine’s Day date ideas in Las Vegas

“The Heart of Downtown” mural located in Downtown Las Vegas. Photo Credit: Allister C. Dias

Love is in the air here in Vegas, with plenty of romantic and wondrous activities. From lovely dining and restaurants to throwback-themed cafes and scenic views, there’s something for everyone this Valentine’s Day. Add a tinge of excitement to your Valentine’s Day with some of the following date locations.

Indulge in great meals at Vickie’s ‘50s-Style Diner

When it comes to breakfast spots, no other town provides the quality and experience like Vegas diners do. Vickie’s Diner, in particular, serves not only breakfast but an experience as well.

Right up the street from UNLV on Maryland Parkway and Sahara Avenue, Vickie’s has become a favorite for breakfast among locals, with most of their breakfast options being anywhere between $8 -$10. Vickie’s offers reasonable prices with a loving experience. For college students, a place that emphasizes quality and pricing is sure to make you and your wallet feel content.

Formally located along the Las Vegas strip, Vickie’s Diner has become synonymous for its family-like treatment and excellent quality of foods like burgers, 1-pound ham steaks, chicken-fried steak, etc. With a rich history dating back to the classical era of Vegas, you can make sure that every crumb is created with love and creativity; perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Spice things up at Juan’s Flaming Fajitas

Looking to take a more zesty approach to your Valentine’s date? Look no further than Juan’s Flaming Fajitas, a source of excellent Mexican food.

Juan’s specializes in traditional Mexican cuisine like Enchiladas de Mole, Chile Rellenos, and Carnitas, along with iconic fajitas that range from shrimp, steak, chicken, and pork. Additionally, the fajitas are lit on fire prior to being served to you, a steamy and sizzling way to spice up your date. 

Rich quality ingredients, combined with excellent preparation and cooking skills provide a tasty and satisfying experience for both yourself and your date. Additionally, Juan also offers a happy hour margarita special, with margaritas under $5.

Experience the greatest decade at Back to the ‘80s Cafe

What do puffed shoulders, power suits, parachute pants, Micheal Jackson, Madonna, and ‘Back to the Future’ have in common? If you guessed the 1980s, you’re correct! 

If the ‘80s are calling you this Valentine’s Day, why not take a date to the ‘Back to the ‘80s Cafe’? Located next to UNLV (behind In-N-Out Burger on Maryland Parkway), this cafe provides a soothing color palette of neon colors and various memorabilia to get you right in the ‘80s feel. 

Serving exclusively lunch and dinner specials, prices at the cafe range in the $4-$10 price range, with various smaller options below this range.  This cafe provides a nostalgic ride for those seeking to live out the experience of the 1980s and enjoy a great meal while you’re at it. 

Why not take a trip down memory lane with your date this Valentine’s at ‘Back to the 80’s Cafe’? Need to find it? Look for the Ectomobile, the car from Ghostbusters, parked outside.

Take a trip to the Neon Museum

Vegas is a busy town. It’s seemingly a city that never sleeps. The dazzling lights of the Las Vegas skyline charm millions into attending every single year. North of the strip, however, lies a quiet place to take in the old icons of Vegas. A quiet place to enjoy a nice stroll and view history with your date this Valentine’s.

This neon boneyard displays the signs and symbols that have served as Vegas’ centerpieces for decades. The old signs of the Stardust, the Hard Rock Cafe guitar, and the Moulin Rouge dot this massive yard. At night, all the signs are lit up in their brilliant neon lights, a perfect experience for you and your date to relive a Vegas that predates most of us.

The Neon Museum offers great deals for this wonderful experience. Adult tickets are $20 and $16 for Nevada Residents, senior citizens, military personnel, and current students. With such low pricing and an experience that will last a lifetime, it’s certainly a place worth visiting on Valentine’s Day. 

Whether you prefer iconic Vegas eateries, nostalgic pleasantries, or experiencing times of old, there are plenty of wonderful, unique, and exciting places to plan a date this Valentine’s Day.


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