UNLV Premier

Students had fun dancing at Premier, on 31, August, 2023 (Photo taken by Brianna Song)

Palpable excitement buzzes in the hot summer air. The bright, blazing sun sets in the far distance, blurred by the gloomy clouds as students follow the arrows on the floor and find their way onto the intramural field, looking towards the bright stage. 

At first, it seemed the event would be hampered by heavy rain and winds. Raindrops started to drizzle from the sky around 6 p.m. as students sprinted to find shelter under tents. Eventually, the rain dissipated and activities like frisbee were able to continue on. 

Stands with activities stood everywhere, with activities like bookmark making and spray paint available for students to try. At every turn, there was a water station, promising to quench the thirst of students throughout the night. Energy drinks, snow cones, soda, tacos and ice cream were all available for students. Students lined up to take a picture with premier’s iconic “UNLV” sign with their campus friends to remember the special event to mark the start of a new school year. With the amazing turn out of students from all different graduating classes, the feeling of community was undeniable as students danced, jumped, and sang together under the bright lights of the stage.

Premier UNLV is one of UNLV’s longest-running traditions, one that welcomes students into the new year. At the beginning, students line up to make each of the letters in “UNLV.” Many came to Premier UNLV from other events, like the Honors College Student Council’s Premier Pre-Game Popsicle Party. Others arrived at the event later.

Karina Luna, a Pre-Nursing major and Spanish minor, and Lenny Brattoli, an English major and blog manager for the Beyond Thought Creative Arts Journal, both attended UNLV Premier. 

Brattoli’s most favorite moment was lining up to make the letters “UNLV.” Glow sticks were handed out to students, and Brattoli watched as the fireworks went off behind him. He wasn’t able to attend UNLV Premier during his freshman year due to the COVID-19 lockdown and thought it would be meaningful to go during his senior year. 

“It’s my first time going to Premier, despite it being my senior year. I never had the chance to before. I wasn’t able to go to my first one because of COVID in 2020. Since it was my last year to go, I figured I should go anyway.”

Luna is a second-year student and regretted her decision to not attend last year, so she made it a point to go this year. 

Luna says, “It’s important for people to go to these events. If you’re debating on going, just go. You’re going to see at least one person there. We all ended up having a good time.”

At the end of the night, students held up glowsticks dancing to the music and celebrating the end of the first week of school and the beginning of new opportunities to come.


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