Top five picture perfect spots: UNLV Edition

Visitors Riley Chrisman and MiMi in front of the Hospitality Hall. Photo by Ashleigh Liebig.

As UNLV students, we live in a city of high life, full of picture-perfect moments. The fantastic thing about UNLV is that you do not have to go to the Strip to capture amazing pictures with unique backgrounds. This is the rundown of the top five most Instagram-worthy places on campus. 

Starting strong, we have Gym Drive, the long road coming from the Tropicana parking garage to the Lied Library. This road is perfect for anyone wanting to show off the UNLV pride or just their college student fit. If you are more experienced with photography, you can capture good photos of someone riding down the road on their skateboard. 

Next on our list is the Hospitality Hall, located down Gym Drive. The Hospitality Hall is full of intricate architecture that is perfect for anyone’s Instagram page. Whether you are inside the building or outside, there are plenty of excellent spots to capture your morning coffee from Rebel Grounds or a cram study session on the roof. 

Coming in hot at number three is outside the Student Union. With the perfectly symmetrical outside staircase and the superb cobblestone road leading to all your stomach’s desires, anyone can gain an ideal post. 

With graduation being prevalent in all of our senior Rebels’ minds, a fantastic spot to take photos would have to be the Pascal rose garden right outside the Alta Ham Fine Arts building. This garden is a memorial to Elaine Wynn’s mother. 

Last but certainly not least is the flashlight in front of Ham Hall. The flashlight is one of the many staple monuments that UNLV has to offer. Some fantastic photo ideas would be to have a group of friends within each slot of the flashlight’s base. Regardless of how you position your friends or group, the flashlight is a must-have on any Rebel’s Instagram feed. 

UNLV is full of so many photo-ops that would grace anyone’s feed. Since the campus is lush with trees, grass and intricate architecture, Instagram would be lucky to see this beautiful campus we call home.


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