“Three Days of Rain” pours over the Las Vegas theater community


A Public Fit Theatre Company commenced its 2022-23 season with the production of “Three Days of Rain” written by Richard Greenberg. 

“Three Days of Rain” had its opening night on Oct. 14 and will have performances until Nov. 7 at Super Summer Theatre Studio located on South Valley View Boulevard and Complex Drive.

Ann-Marie Pereth began her journey in theater at the age of 10. It was at Rainbow Company Youth Theatre that she met current romantic partner, Joseph D. Kucan, and together they founded A Public Fit Theatre Company. Pereth is now the co-founder, artistic director, producer of A Public Fit and co-director alongside Kucan.

After reading the play two years ago, Pereth and Kucan began to prepare and work on “Three Days of Rain” in July for its full scale production.

“Three Days of Rain” is a cross-generational play. Act one is set in Manhattan in the 90s with Walker, played by Andrew Calvert, his older sister, Nan, played by Betsy Norton, and childhood friend, Pip, performed by Jake Staley. 

They reunited for the reading of Walker and Nan’s father’s will. After discovering their father’s hidden journal, Walker flipped through the entries in an effort to make sense of who his parents were.

Act two traveled back in time to the 1960s. The same actors played Ned, Lina, and Theo to reveal what events really took place over the early days of Ned’s journal entries, the reality of who they were.

“I think that is a universal thing that we do, we make assumptions about what our parents were like in their youth,” Pereth said. “We never see them as youthful beings, we don’t ever think of them as having their first kiss or being in a romantic relationship. It’s about the assumptions we make about our parents and how those assumptions are very wrong.”

To enhance the theme of perspective, deck crew member Brandon Stokes changed the direction that the stage was originally facing for the audience to see the performance from a different point of view in the second act.

Audience member Amanda Veloz, 23, noted, “The acting caught my attention the most. I’m not easily impressed by actors I don’t recognize. But the three of them were actually good. They made me feel tense and they made me get goosebumps.” 

When asked about the choice of “Three Days of Rain” to be part of the season, Pereth said, “It’s a wonderful opportunity for three very talented people. The amount of dialogue they have to learn and they have to play six characters, it is a tour de force for all 3 actors.” 

Having been with her company for nine years, Pereth is careful to surround herself with a mature cast and crew and expressed its importance for the process of putting a play together.

“Working on ‘Three Days Rain’ has been a pleasurable experience,” Pereth said. “Yes come for the play, but come for the actors, they are the reason to come. We’ve crafted a really good play because of them.”

A Public Fit Theatre Company will continue its seven show season with the productions of “Brilliant Adventures” by Alistair McDowall, “An Oak Tree” by Tim Crouch, “Lydia” by Octavio Solis, “The Piano Lesson” by August Wilson and “Alabaster” written by Audrey Cefaly.
Readers can purchase tickets, find more information, and keep up with A Public Fit Theatre Company via their website and across social media platforms.


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