RSO Feature: Runway Rebels, a fashion club, debuts at local fashion show

Illustration by Kayla Roberts.

Up until September 2023, UNLV had never had a fashion club. That is, until UNLV student Cameron Thomas founded Runway Rebels. 

Runway Rebels is a fashion club dedicated for students to connect with folks in the industry as well as share their love for fashion. Runway Rebels’ overarching goal is to be a part of the curriculum as a part of the fine arts department, whether that be a single class or degree program, that has fashion courses for UNLV students to explore their interest in fashion. 

Thomas shared how the club started, saying, “I noticed that there were a lot of students that were demanding a club like this. There was a lot of interest in a club like this, it just hasn’t been planned out by anyone, so I took the initiative to do that because I knew there were students who would want something like this [or] need something like this because it’s a creative outlet to express yourself … I knew that I had to make a home for people that love fashion.”

Thomas shared, “Growing up, I was always attached to fashion. Growing up I was always fascinated with suits. I just always had a keen eye for that. It truly was a safe space for me because that was how I found confidence in myself.”

Runway Rebels had its debut at Las Vegas Fashion Council’s event, artLIVE, where they presented a mannequin for the show. Thomas shared, “[The mannequin] represented our club and showed the people attending that event that we’re a very serious group of individuals that have a taste for fashion and want to pursue this in the future.”

Thomas shared, “It was difficult to feel comfortable in my own skin, so I feel like fashion was definitely a creative route that would help me embrace myself a lot more and show people the love I have for myself. That’s what fashion really means to me … I don’t want this just to be a club at UNLV. I want this to be a future career for people at the same time.”

Runway Rebels will be participating in “Little Black Dress,” a fashion competition on Dec. 7. To learn more, Runway Rebels is on the Involvement Center and Runway Rebels’ instagram handle is @runwayrebelz.



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