Performers reflect after the return of RebFest

Guarded 4000 performing on stage of the 2022 RebFest Art and Music Festival in the Student Union courtyard. Photo by Jordan Anders

UNLV students and locals of the Las Vegas Valley came together for RebFest, a music and art festival, at the Student Union courtyard last Thursday. 

Rappers and DJs from the west coast performed on stage for a courtyard full of chanting festival goers. Food trucks, a gaming truck, mocktails table and vendor tents surrounded the courtyard to give attendees the opportunity to hang out. 

Before the main acts came on stage, students filled their cups with mocktail mixes like tropical pineapple sunset and cranberry lime. Students dominated the green space area of the Student Union’s courtyard.

“It looks pretty lit,” said a local performer and rapper, Mickey P. “It’s definitely cool for people to come back together.” 

As the day progressed, the venue began to fill up, but the floor for the stage was lightly filled. But the floor was soon to fill up for featured performers. 

The floor came alive when DJ Kay N M announced rapper Cuuhraig climbed up the stairs to greet the crowd. The show started at sunset at around 7 p.m., halfway into Cuuhraig’s performance, he invited members of the public a dance off opportunity to dance better than him, with the winner receiving $100. 

Three girls were selected to go on stage to have a dance off, where contestant number three won after she did the splits on stage. 

At the end of his performance, Cuuhraig jumped off stage to dance with the festival goers. 

Next on the line-up was a combined performance with three rappers that are soon to go on tour. Kenndog, a Los Angeles based rapper known for his song “Beethoven,” Ambjaay, a rapper who’s well known for his song “Uno” and GirlzLuhDev, a rapper based in Los Angeles, took the stage with their entourage. 

The audience was most familiar with their songs, where they sang along and danced. GirlzLuhDev was the first to get off stage to rap along with the crowd, then Kenndogg came down to join in on the fun. 

After their time, it seemed as though they still wanted to keep performing as DJ Kay N M switched the music to a popular song by Meek Mill, “Dreams and Nightmares.” 

Freshman Greg Economos, said that he came to the festival since he heard there was a big festival on campus. He was happy to have stopped by. Such as other students like Jake Berry, a junior on the UNLV hockey team. 

Priceless Da Roc, Dmac, Heaven Marina, and others joined on stage to perform right before headliner Guapdad 4000. This performance brought a lot of performers to the stage to dance, twerk, and rap. 

To close off the night, featured performer Guapdad 4000 took the stage with DJ Fran Margiela. After his first song, Guapdad 4000 drank out of a Casamigos bottle on stage and continued to perform. Like the other performers, he jumped down from the stage to sing with his fans. 

To end his performance, he brought up a member of the audience, Gunner, a 13-year-old child, to sing one of Guapdad 4000’s songs. Without missing a lyric, Gunner executed the performance and even added some hand gestures and dancing. After the performance, there was a meet and greet with Guapdad 4000. 

The Scarlet & Gray spoke with GirlzLuhDev, Ambjaay and Kenndog. 

“Man, it’s always a different feeling when a crowd is just screaming your music,” Kenndog said. “It’s like electricity running down your spine and it gives you chills.” 

GirlzLuhDev described the festival as having a cool Vegas vibe. He’s from Los Angeles and was invited by Kenndog. 

“Kenndog called me up ‘I got this show in Vegas’ and asked if I wanted to go,” GirlzLuhDev, who graciously accepted the invite, said. Kenndog made it clear that GirlzLuhDev and Ambjaay are his actual friends,

“I split my money so they can come out too,” said Kenndog. “They (are) my friends, so you know, it was nothing’” 

Ambjaay was also grateful for the companionship, the three look out from each other in the industry, as he sees the industry is not as nice as Kenndog. 

“I ain’t gonna lie to you, not a lot of people help each other, I’m gonna be honest,” Ambjaay said.


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