LV Craft Shows gives opportunities to buy custom goods from local vendors

Inside of the convention center, crowds of people gathered around and moved between various vendors' stands. Photo by Mark Credico

The Silverton Casino recently hosted an LV Craft Show, which gives opportunities for local vendors to showcase their goods and personally meet new prospective customers. 

LV Craft Shows is an organization that organizes, advertises and hosts events for local vendors to sell their products. The shows are held in casino convention centers, outdoor shopping malls and even virtually since the pandemic. 

The show itself was in the Silverton’s Veil Convention Center. After exiting the casino, an outdoor path leading to the convention center is lined on one side with vendors selling their custom goods under white canopies. Each vendor decorated their stand with their products and decorations matching the general feel of their products. 

The products being sold had a surprisingly wide range. They ranged from Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, to custom healing crystal jewelry, to custom standard jewelry, to blown glass lampshades, to freeze-dried candy, to homemade soul food spices, to 3D printed toys and knick-knacks and many more. Every vendor was friendly and greeted customers with what was assumed to be a smile under their mask. 

“They want people to see them.” said Susi Engl, owner and CEO of LV Craft Shows, “You know, it’s different than when you just show it online. They want to show off their creations.”

LV Craft Shows started in 1999, however since 2015, they have been under new management. Engl was originally a vendor who sold custom handbags at the shows, but in 2015 she took over LV Craft Shows as owner and CEO. Her leadership and focus on advertising for the events has grown both the number of customers by the thousands, according to the LV Craft Shows website

“It’s been great actually,” said Engl, “We always bring in a lot of people because we do a lot of advertising, and people have been following us. So it’s been very impressive.”
LV Craft shows will be hosting a number of upcoming events in Las Vegas in the coming weeks both in person and online. There will be a virtual event on their website on Feb. 16 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Their next in person event will be the Craft Festival at Tivoli Village on Feb. 20, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. A full calendar of their upcoming events, and which ones will be free to enter can all be found on the LV Craft Shows official website.


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