Live Like a Local: Go outdoors this fall

The Butterfly Habitat at the Springs Preserve. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

You may not have noticed that the first day of autumn has already come and gone. The weather is still cruising along around 80 degrees and the leaves on the trees are as green as ever. While it may not quite be time to pull out those fall sweaters we all look forward to sporting, there are plenty of activities going on here in Las Vegas to get your fall fix. 

Hop on over to your local market to grab a few pumpkins to decorate your desk while you study and plan a weekend outing with friends after exams.

If you are looking for a serene, enchanted atmosphere to help you relax, recharge and avoid that mid-semester slump, there is another Autumn escapade that you should be sure to check out: the Springs Preserve Butterfly Habitat

Take a stroll through the garden, bursting with color and free-flying butterflies and let your exam jitters drift away. Watch the butterflies weaving in and out of the local flora as they dance across the garden. 

With nearly three dozen species in the habitat, you will find a mosaic of colors, solid and patterned butterflies gliding about. Butterflies from Central and South America and other areas of the United States also inhabit this beautiful garden exhibit. The Monarch butterfly is probably one of the most familiar species here in the United States, and it is also a Nevada local!

Look out for the Blue Morpho with its royal blue wings, or the Julia with its striking monochromatic burnt orange coloring.

The habitat opened to the public this past Friday, Oct. 1st, but it is open for just a few weeks. Better yet, there is no charge for admission. So, this is one activity not to miss this season.

There is much to see at Springs Preserve, a 180-acre plot of land that is also a registered historical site and now functions as a cultural institution to preserve Nevada’s rich history. You can also grab a bite to eat or sip cocktails with friends at the Divine Cafe located right in Springs Preserve.  

The Valley is also loaded with natural wonders to explore. With the weather finally starting to cool down just enough to tolerate being outside for a few hours, this is the best time of the year to get outdoors. 

Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful outdoor oasis along the Western border of Las Vegas. It was the first National Conservation Area in Las Vegas. With 26 numbered trails to explore, you are sure to find a suitable trail for hikers of all levels.

You do not have to be a nature person or an expert hiker to make a trip out to Red Rock Canyon. Spend a Saturday morning hiking with UNLV’s very own Campus Recreational Services. The Outdoor Adventure department is running a trip to Red Rock Canyon to explore seasonal waterfalls and sandstone canyons. 

This organized trip is an all-included hike to First Creek Canyon that will take place on Oct. 9, but the deadline to register is Oct. 5. There is a discounted student registration fee which includes transportation and lunch. This trip takes the hassle out of figuring out where to go, how to get there and what to look for.


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