How to do Valentine’s Day with 25 Dollars or less

Gift bag surrounded by faux flowers in a Dollar Tree. Photo by Kayla Faasse.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So whether you are in a relationship, have a group of girlfriends, or you are spending this love-based holiday by yourself. There is a cheap way to celebrate the holiday without breaking the bank. 

When you cuddle up to your loved one by the fire watching whatever cheesy romance you chose for the evening, you will be grateful for the tips to make this Valentine’s Day affordable. 

Make a quick stop to your local $5 and Below, gentlemen; all your girls want is to know you’re trying, and at $5 and Below, you can get a stuffed animal to spray with your cologne, chocolates, and a lovely face mask all for 15 dollars, and change. 

You can use the last $10 on a bouquet from Vons. Ultimately, you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to make your partner feel special.

An inexpensive bottle of rosè, some chocolates, and a pizza while watching the latest chick flick with your girlfriends is the perfect way to have a Galentine’s day for all my single ladies out there. Especially if everyone pitches in, it could only cost each person $10.

Last, but certainly not least, to everyone who plans on staying in this holiday season to cuddle up with their favorite pet. Enjoy your night with a steaming cup of white chocolate hot cocoa, some quick and easy snacks such as cheese and crackers, chocolates, or any assortment of Lays chips. 

I think treating yourself to a festive blanket and a feel-good movie could very well cost less than $25, and you can still feel the joy that Valentine’s Day brings you. 

Whether you love the holiday or dislike it, there is still an inherent need to celebrate. So have no fear; it is the little things that make it special. Ultimately you will be watching a chick flick, which puts anybody in a great mood.


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