Healthy eating options in Las Vegas you should try

Sweet Poke located on Eastern Ave and the 215 in Las Vegas, NV. Photo by Jordan Anders-McClain.

Whether it be a New Year’s resolution or a continuation of your own healthy habits, it can be difficult to find healthy food that is fulfilling and appetizing. 

Enjoying a meal should not be sacrificed in an attempt to eat healthier. Eating healthy in the Vegas valley is made easier with these hotspots to try.

Sweet Poké is a Las Vegas favorite with three locations throughout the valley. It features your choice of a bowl or burrito style poké. The breakdown is simple; pick a base, add a protein, and finish with toppings and sauce. 

The variety of toppings offer a colorful meal packed with flavor and nutrition. Rice, salad, mangoes, seaweed, spicy mayo, salmon, tofu and an array of other ingredients that represent main food groups. 

Quick service and the build-your-own style assembly line invites a variety of tasty combinations for you to choose from. Sweet Poké is available for delivery on Chownow, DoorDash and Uber Eats.

This next restaurant is a safe haven for vegans and vegetarians who love sushi. Chikyu serves 100% vegan and mostly gluten-free Japanese cuisine in Henderson. Their popular “Desert Gold” roll is made with tempura fried tofu with negi, microgreens, sesame and their secret sauce. 

“I love Chikyu because I’m comfortable eating there with my shellfish allergy,” UNLV student Joy Rohloff said. “They accommodate me in any way they can and always make sure I feel comfortable eating there.” 

Chikyu is a safe place for people who have severe food allergies, but want to indulge in Japanese flavors.

Vegenation achieves a positive atmosphere while serving 100% vegan dishes. Experience Vegenation in Henderson or at their Carson Street location downtown. 

Their mission is to serve creative plant-based meals in a welcoming environment. From meat to ice cream, their ingredients are entirely planet-friendly.

A must-try is their “Muchas Gracias” which is a delectable sweet potato and black bean quesadilla topped with chipotle sauce. Beans for protein and sweet potatoes for vitamins and fiber. 

Yes, that is consuming fiber and protein without eating an ordinary protein bar. You can hardly believe that the food is vegan. 

Keep in mind dessert. Vegenation’s popular “Crazy Good Molten Lava Cake,” speaks for itself. Bananas, vanilla, cherries and candied walnuts bring in even more protein, potassium and vitamin C while indulging warm bites of chocolate and ice cream.

Summerlin’s most hip restaurant, Flower Child has become a hotspot in the past two years. The build-your-own meals introduce sauteed vegetables alongside your choice of steak, salmon, chicken, shrimp or tofu. 

The sides to choose from are roasted butternut squash, smashed gold potatoes, quinoa, sweet corn, carrots and brussels sprouts just to name a few. Flower Child’s “Gluten Free Mac & Cheese” is a wholesome side that satisfies savory cravings. 

The list of restaurants offer more than just necessary vitamins and minerals to properly fuel your body. Openness, creativity and innovation are concepts that are embedded in these businesses. 

They understand that it is simple to feel degraded while thinking about healthy foods. These restaurants provide nourishing meals without the calorie counting and shame people feel when trying to eat healthy. Enjoy hardy meals that are flavorful, nutrient rich and in the convenience of your own city.


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